Friday, May 30, 2014

Evelyn is 9 Months Old!

I don't think we will ever get over being smitten by our sweet Evelyn.  Her smile is the best!  She is now 9 months old and full of spunk.  When she was 8.5 months old she started pivoting around and scooching a few inches this way or that way.  Now she is army crawling across the floor.  She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks.  She's even alternated arm and legs so she's getting close to full on crawling now.  She has two little bottom teeth.  The one on the right has completely poked up and is about half way up. The one on the left is still just through the skin.  Evelyn is so happy.  Everyone remarks about what a happy, smiley baby she is.  I call her my little "coquette" because when people smile at her, she tucks her head coyly.  She's our tiny baby.  She's 27 3/4 inches (50th percentile), 15.5 lbs. (fifth percentile) and her head circumference is 17 1/2 inches.  She is completely on target and we have no concerns and the doctor has no concerns.  She still has her very out-y belly button from the umbilical hernia and so she looks like she literally has a belly "button".  Her eyes light up when her brothers play with her.  Jase gives her the most attention, with hugs and kisses.  It's amazing how you can feel so much love for these little people.  We just adore Evelyn Kate.
 Crazy bedhead!
 Side view!
 In this pic, she is still recovering from conjunctivitis.  Little Miss Goopy Eyes.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Daybook 5-29-14

Outside My Window...
I'm ignoring the yard work needs that I see because I want to stop going 100 mph like I've had to since we woke up Tuesday morning.  I just want to blog for 15 minutes.

I am Thankful...
for moments of calm, for a sweet 5 year who we are celebrating this week and for my little family.  I am also thankful for a mission friend who started a group on facebook for our mission and have gotten to connect with a few more mission friends and relive some fun memories during some busy, stressed out days. :)

I am Thinking About...
I am actually trying to take a break from thinking. :)  I could list so many things I need to do and that I've been doing and I choose not to think right now.  I'll have to share the story of the lady in my community who is suing me in small claims court or how the evictions were stressful and now I'm dealing with screening new tenants and the phone doesn't stop ringing.  Wait, I'm not thinking about it right now though. :)

Notes About School...
Ryan is a preschool graduate!  I will post about his graduation when I get pictures from a friend (my hands were a little full).  Tony watched the practice that morning and helped out in his classroom.
Max continues to do well.  He loves science!

From the Kitchen...
A mess I'm currently avoiding.

I am Creating...
family memories and for now that's taking precedence because I feel like they are important.  

I am Working On...

 Nothing...sense a theme?  

I am Reading...
A Quiet Heart by Patricia Holland.  One of my favorite books and I gave it away to a friend who I felt could use it.  I just got another copy for my birthday! :)

I am Praying...
for several friends right now.

I am Struggling...
with finding time to do everything I want to and staying organized.  I am also struggling with wanting to be two places at the same time and trying to reconcile myself and let myself have one more weekend of girl time and realizing that I work hard and I need the time.  It's just hard for me to step away from some of my responsibilities sometimes.  

I am Hearing...
Jim Gaffigan on my Pandora station.  He makes me laugh.

Around the House...
The babies are sleeping.  I've got a few minutes to clean up the kitchen before I need to leave again.

One of my Favorite Things...
Evelyn's happy disposition, Jason's kisses, the sweet drawings Ryan always brings me and how he always writes "Ryan loves mom" (with a heart instead of loves), the smattering of freckles across Max's nose and how he always asks questions.

A Few Plans for the Next Week...
Get the outside of the house spruced up. :)

Memorial Day Weekend Part 2

Sunday started out with the realization that the eye goop Jase and Ev had gotten worse.  Urgent care brought a diagnosis of pink eye.  So we got medication and took them home to medicate and rest.  This is a blurry pic in the waiting room.

The other kids enjoyed the day playing in the water, exploring, bike riding, making fairy houses and going for rides in the kayak.

More fishing happened and there was dump cake and ice cream.

Lauren and I enjoyed this sunset.

The next day we packed up camp and spent the day in Eugene.  The highlight was visiting Riverplay, a fantastic park.  Seth and Tony biked the older kids in.  Tony's on the Mundo which has a motor you can have kick in to help when heavy loads and hills don't mix.

Afterwards we bbq'd at the house.  Evelyn enjoyed the fishies. :)

She also showed off her newest trick of getting up on all fours.  And she's been scooting around a bit more.  

I even got a chance to try out the hammock.  It was fun watching the clouds and having the time to just breathe deeply.  Okay, so had a few kids crawling on me of course, but it was still relaxing. ; )

We packed up after dinner and avoided all Memorial Day traffic.  It was awesome!

Memorial Day Weekend Part 1

We spent Memorial Day weekend with Seth, Lauren, Ely, Nora and Riff.  We had a great time in Eugene, Lowell and Florence, Oregon.  Lauren's family has a cottage and it was fun to have a place where the kids could explore to their hearts content and we didn't have to worry about them for the most part.  Friday morning, Lauren and I stayed at the house while the 3 babies napped.  The dads took the older 4 out fishing and to set up camp.

The dads camped in one tent with the 4 older kids in the other tent.  The moms and the three babies slept in the cottage.

Jase and Riff had fun toddling around, well, Riff would full on sprint everywhere. Jase is a wheel man.  Spin those wheels!

 On Saturday we had such a fun day at the beach.  We visited Devil's Elbow which was beautiful and had so many places for the kids to explore.  We were joined by Uncle Phil and Aunt Geniel.  

 Tidepools!  They found mussels and starfish, hermit crabs and seashells.  We also saw whales spouting in the distance.

These caves were so awesome!

Because we were there at the lowest tides, all sorts of cool passageways were open for exploring.

We played all day and then stopped at A&W for dinner and root beer floats on the way home.