Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Birthday Weekend!

I had such a fun birthday.  I appreciated the birthday wishes and the gifts left by thoughtful friends.  Evelyn and I spent the morning walking along the river.  Love my little ladybug and love this part of the trail.

We picked up the kids from school and went to find the swamp monster on Tiger Mountain.

Unfortunately we didn't find her but we did have fun reading the story boards along the way and we found lots of these Bleeding Heart flowers.

Tony took me to get a pedicure and to get sushi.

I went on a bike ride with my good friend.  

I also went out to dinner and a ceramics painting night with a few friends.  Trisha and I have birthdays a week apart so we celebrated both.

I got to open presents with my cute little family.

And then we went on another bike ride.  I love to be outside.  It was perfect!

Kindergarten Round-Up

We attended Kindergarten round up for Jase.  We got to go to different stations to practice different skills they'll be doing in kindergarten.  This was the science section where they observed snails.

This is actually from a Green Team meeting.  I volunteer once a month at the Green Team meeting and this time the littles came along and "helped" too.

We Love Cross and Crown Preschool!

Jase has really enjoyed this year of Pre-K!  

Some of the fun things he's been doing lately are:

Pet Day!  We brought Tiger Lily to share.

The funniest thing happened the next day.  I hadn't put the carrier away.  It was open and sitting on the hearth.  I came home after a playdate and saw that it was positioned like this.  I figured the cats and pushed it over.  Then I took a closer look and saw that Tiger Lily had trapped herself inside.  Silly cat.  And I lifted it off and she just calmly sat there as if she didn't care at all.

The kids made pineapples for Hawaii day.

They celebrated summer birthdays!

Popsicles on a hot day!

The last day of school!

Fun With My Littles

Snack time after Science class where we learned about our hearts and they got to listen with a real stethoscope!

We took a friend to an appointment and enjoyed the Renton library while we waited.  I love how it is built over the Cedar River!

This is joy school at our house with Jase's group.  We learned about the water cycle.

We put shaving cream over water and then added to food coloring to show how evaporation builds up and then causes precipitation.  I love seeing their expressions as they shared what they learned.