Friday, August 30, 2013

How the Boys are Doing

A lot of people have asked how the boys are adjusting to the new baby.  Max has become even more of a helper and sweet big brother.  Ryan's been helping more.  Both he and Ryan like to give Evelyn kisses on her head.  Life has been good for the boys as they got more time with dad and Grandma Kate!  We've also had friends come and take them for play dates which has been wonderful.  Jason is so much more of a toddler now than he was before.  He's getting so close to walking.  He stands all the time on his own and walks with the help of just one hand.  He loves to push cars around, go outside, do bubbles and laugh at the antics of his brothers.  His favorite bits of mischief making are emptying the shelves of books, splashing in the water (the toilet water if we'd let him--bleh) and dumping out his toy cars.  He is my only child so far to try turn the oven knobs while I'm trying to cook.  Yikes, lol. 

Here's Jason exploring.
Silly time and snuggle time with daddy.

And a random shot of the boys making airplanes out of the kitchen chairs.

Jason with his cars.

 Jason is very interested in his baby sister but as I'm sure you can imagine, he gets excited and doesn't know about being gentle yet.  I took this picture FAST! 

My Baby Girl!

Dancing in the Rain

There was a downpour yesterday, a deluge so I sent the boys outside to dance in the rain.

Good Bye Party

I helped throw a good-bye party for a family that is moving.  We are going to miss the Owens very much.  Maxwell is Max's age.  Bentley is Ryan's age and Bridger is Jason's age.  And Cody is older and such a sweetheart to have in primary.  I can't even put into words how much I've learned from Shelbi and how much I'm going to miss her positive, kind, generous personality. *Sigh*

Evelyn's Baby Shower

My friends Tiffany and Jenna offered to throw me a baby shower.  It was wonderful, with a light dinner and lots of great conversation.  I always love getting together with friends.  It was a very warm evening so I was definitely "glistening". 
Love these girls and the friends who weren't able to make it.  Evelyn and I are very blessed.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Welcome to the World Evelyn Kate!!!

Evelyn Kate was born August 20th at 3:44 a.m.  She was 18.5 inches long and 6.67 oz.  She was due on August 27th!  Our first baby to come early!

Here she is all brand new!

Here she is on Friday, 8/23/13, just 3 days old.

Evelyn's birth story

I don't hold back so if you don't like too much information, you probably won't want to read this.  And I'm detail oriented so if you aren't interested in each step of labor, you'll probably want to pass ; )

Evelyn's birth was pretty much a dream come true for me.  I was induced with all three boys.  Here's Max's birth story.  Here's Ryan's birth story.  Here's Jason's birth story.  I was hoping that I would not have to be induced again and I decided that I would decide about whether or not to have an epidural during labor.  As much as I was hoping to not be induced, this baby girl was measuring really small and so the likelihood was that I would have low amniotic fluid again and be induced. 

On August 19th, I woke up having some contractions.  This was different for me because my body doesn't do more than the slightest Braxton Hicks prior to being induced.  They weren't any big deal but I was happily surprised.  That afternoon, I discovered that I had started losing my mucous plug which meant that my body was doing more on it's own this time.  It didn't mean much else though because I am used to hearing how other people have contractions for weeks or lose their mucous plug and still don't go into labor for weeks, so I wasn't thinking too much of it.  

 We were lucky to have Grandma Kate fly in that night because her job had sent her to our area to work for two weeks and then she would be off for three weeks to be with us.  That's a total of 5 weeks of either part-time or full-time grandma help.  We were feeling really blessed.  After the kids got to love on Grandma her first night in---she put them to bed and we were talking.  We talked about lots of things but the subject of labor came up of course.  I was telling her how much I wanted to go into labor on my own.  I know it sounds weird, but I really wanted to experience my water breaking on it's own as well.  As we were talking, I felt some contractions but they didn't make me pause or anything.  I told Kate about them afterwards and she asked if they were Braxton Hicks.  I knew they weren't though because they were a moving pain---definite contractions.  Tony came home and we went to bed later but I couldn't sleep because of the contractions.  After a bit Tony heard me breathing through them and started watching the clock.  10 minutes, 6 minutes, 3 minutes, 8 minutes.  They were random.  After a little while I decided that I probably should pack a bag just to be ready.  Then I walked around a bit and when I came back Tony had the light on and was packing because he heard me struggling through a contraction.  Tony told Kate and then we were off to the hospital, letting them know we were coming.  I had to stop several times as we walked down to the birth center to breathe through a contraction.  I was triaged and she asked what I had been dilated to the last time I'd been checked.  Well, I hadn't been checked yet, but when she checked me, I was a 7.  Alrighty then.  She was asking about previous births and when she found out I'd delivered a baby 14 months ago she said that when a body has delivered that close in time, sometimes it just kicks into high gear and labor goes really fast.  They struggled to find my veins because of the lovely swelling that my body does--normally I'm not a hard stick (oh joy).  They finally decided to stop trying (thank you) and wheel me into the delivery room.  Tony was a great labor coach because he was calm and praising me the whole time.  A new nurse was able to find my vein on the first try.  I realized I didn't have my Sense and Sensibility soundtrack that I'd listened to each labor to help me relax.  Well, it was too late now.  I sang "I am a Child of God" to myself, in my head.  I was trying my best to relax through the contractions (they were at a 9 on the pain scale) but the lower half of my body was involuntarily shaking.  Hello transition.  We told them that I normally vomit during transition so they were prepared but it never happened.  They told me I could have an epidural but it would slow labor down or I could be done naturally in about 10 minutes.  That was an easy choice.  They were breaking down the end of the bed when my water broke and then the doctor was ready.  3 pushes later my sweet girl was placed on my chest all covered in vernix.  Oh my goodness, that euphoria that comes after knowing that you are done with the pain (mostly) and you're holding that sweet baby you've been longing to meet.  I may not look as excited as I feel in the first pick but I was also delivering the placenta so the shots of me and newborn Evelyn aren't the best.  I had some fun facial expressions ; )  I held Evelyn for such a long time, Tony cut the cord and we just relaxed together (well, relaxed except for the whole placenta delivery).  We found out that Ev was 18.5 inches long and 6 lbs. 6.7oz.  Our tiny, sweet, beautiful baby.  She's over 3 pounds smaller than my first baby.  How did that happen? 

 She has an umbilical hernia which is already much better.

Evelyn's first bath

 Dr. Scanlon came by to meet Evelyn but she wasn't there the morning we came in.  Evelyn was delivered by Dr. Jolley who is in the same office.  We came into the hospital about 3am or shortly thereafter and Evelyn was born at 3:44am.  Fast!
 Ryan meeting his new sister.
 Max and Baby Ev
 The little/big brother.

Not excited to leave the hospital and have to share mommy.  Totally tiny in her newborn clothes.

Dr. Emily Balser is our family doctor (same office as Dr. Scanlon--we love it there).  I forgot to take a pic the two mornings she saw her in the hospital so this is at her check-up on Friday.

Proud papa!

Dearest Evelyn,
I hope you will always know how much we love you.  We have been so excited to meet you and now to snuggle with you and enjoy your sweetness.  You have us all wrapped around your teeny tiny finger.  We thought long and hard about what to name you.  There were two French names that I loved on my mission:  Marie-Eve and Elise.  Marie-Eve was my absolute favorite but it sounds so different in English.  I wanted to name you something with "Ev" which is how you pronounce Eve in French so I thought of Evelyn.  Daddy liked Evelyn better than Elise too.  Then we really wanted to name you after your grandmas.  They both have characteristics that we hope you will emulate.  Grandma Pearl is a very loving, kind, gentle mother and a strong, loyal, faithful woman.  Grandma Kate is gentle, kind and service-minded, and only looks for the best in people.  We could have given you a long name to include both grandma's names but we had a hard time making it sound good, so we chose to name you Evelyn Kate.  We really feel like that is a strong, beautiful name for you, but you have a heritage of lots of wonderful women in our family that we could have chosen to name you after, especially both of your grandmas.

Miscellaneous Happenings in August 2013

Wahoo, I spelled miscellaneous right! ; )  So I have not been my usual picture-taking self, so this post will go pretty fast.  The month of August inched and sped along like I said in the last post.  There was a lot going on but the baby due date always seemed far away.  It's funny how the end of pregnancy will do that to you.  I was able to go to several girl's night activities, we had play dates, birthday parties, etc.  A highlight was getting together with some old friends.  We met up in Tacoma and played all day.  Of course I forgot to take pictures, but there's nothing like spending time with good, good friends.  We also had a visit from the Denny family.  Tony and Lincoln went fishing and Beth and the kids and I played and visited Fox Hollow Family Farm.  That was a lot of fun as well.  Here are some pics and more activities:

Tony found a dead dragon fly and we all though it was interesting to look at it's beautiful, shiny body when normally they're flying too fast to see too well.
Tony and the boys did a lot of fishing and crabbing.  Yum!

Flounder which Tony is really good at catching and cooking!

One of the days spent on the beach and I actually remembered to take a pic or two.

Max and Ryan took swimming lessons for the second time this summer and loved it!

This was a fun surprise!  Kate (mom-in-law), Stacey (sister-in-law) and Grandma Joan sent a baby-shower in a box.  I still have pics coming from my other shower so I'll post about that one soon.
Kate picked lady bugs for baby girl's little theme since she knew I like lady bugs!  She made the quilt and pillow!

These cute clothes came from Stacey.  The one on the left says, "I am Not a Boy" haha 

These last outfits are from Grandma Joan and the doll and homemade burp cloths are from Kate.  Too much cuteness!  This baby girl is so lucky!
 Her first doll!