Monday, October 31, 2016

Trick or Treating!

We had fun trick or treating with a few other families.  We took a few pictures beforehand.  The pics of Tony make me laugh hard so I have to include all of them.

Evelyn and her little fox friend holding hands!

So much candy.  We had four piles--throw out, save for gingerbread houses, snacks for sack lunches and some to eat.  Then we took 3/4 of the candy we saved to eat and bagged it for daddy to take to work and share.  We had fun collecting the candy though. 

Jase's School Halloween Party

I love preschool!  Jase was the calendar helper today so I got to see him use a cute little pointer to help his class know what day it is.

This is the first time Evelyn has liked a bouncy house.  The benefits of being a little sister.

Decorating sugar cookie pumpkins!

Music time with Pastor Glen!

Halloween Carnival

Tony took the boys to their school Halloween carnival because I had a migraine.  The boys had a great time!

Candy Game

Sunday night we played a little candy game, kind of like a white elephant game where you roll a die and then you get to steal a candy if someone else got what you wanted.  The kids loved it.  And then we put all of the rest of the candy back and watched, It's a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. :)

Evelyn picked only pink tootsie rolls, haha.

Church Trunk or Treat and Halloween Party

Cute missionaries!

Cute kids!

Tony and Laine

Our trunk.  Vincent was dressed up as a bat so I had to take a pic of him at our bat cave.

Harry and Draco

Max video bombing (??) us!

After party at the Kranz Home.  The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and vanilla ice cream with Halloween candy mixed in.  

I had to take a picture of cute W making chainsaw noises at a Halloween party.  Texas Chainsaw Massacre anyone?

Everyday Moments

Jase's sports class.  Look at these cute little people!

Evelyn the shirtless pilot!

Last minute Halloween looking with two little devils, Nate and Ev

Practicing for the primary program.  Man, I love these little kiddos.  I would love it if we could film the program to treasure these days, but I just try to hold onto the spirit felt when these sweet kids testify of truth.

Ryan is loving soccer.

Jase loves umbrellas.

This was our quiet time today.  Ev played with her princess castle while Tiger lily willingly slept in her shopping cart.

Jase and Captain Hook built train tracks.

Everyday moments are the best!