Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Cub Scout Camp

Alan, Rebecca and I were walking parents for Max's patrol.  It was a lot of fun!

Playing at the Park and Fighting Zombies

Back home we got back to regular life right away.  I got to watch my friend's kids while she volunteered at Cub Scout Camp.

Visiting Aunt Dorothy

We were able to visit Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Ken in Washoughal.  Sarah and Becky and Ben were also there!  This is the spot of a future tree house.

Relaxing on the porch swing

Aunt Dorothy helped the kids pick vegetables from her awesome garden.

A treasured photo!


We got to visit my Aunt Mary.  She is in an assisted living home.  It was so good to see her and let her meet Evelyn. 

Another highlight was being in town and getting to go to Aurora's 1st birthday party!

Ashley, Austin and Kris did an amazing job on the party.  So cute and fun!

We got to stop at the Sacramento temple.  One of my favorite places!

Then we relaxed at the park and played at my old playground until it was time to drive all night.

Oh, and my mom MADE MY DAY when she asked me if I wanted this.  I used to LOVE the smurfs.  I still remember the songs on this tape.