Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Sunday of Traumatic Experiences

Sunday was full of bumps and bruises and stories that were funny after the fact. 

During Sacrament meeting Evelyn crawled under the pew in front of us and then realized she wasn't with us and started crying.  Then I bumped Jase while getting Evelyn up and he started crying.  We tried to get out of there as fast as we could.  I took them to the pirmary room after they calmed down because I can still hear the service through the speaker system.  There were a few small tables in the back of the primary room so I moved one over to the side to get it out of the way.  Then I heard screaming.  Jase and Evelyn were laying on the ground with a table on top of them.  Luckily it was just one of the small tables and is sort of light which is probably why it fell on them.  I think maybe they were trying to help me?  Jase got a good bump on his forehead and Evelyn cut her lip and it was swollen and bloody.  After I got them calmed down and cleaned up, it was time for nursery.

After I picked them up from nursery, Sister Watson told me that Evelyn had put on the Mr. Potato Head glasses and wasn't interested in giving them back, haha.  I was able to help her return them.  I only wish I had taken a picture of my silly little girl and the teeny tiny plastic glasses.

This is Evelyn after church.  She didn't complain after the initial incident, but I called her "Little Miss Botox" for awhile.

The Very, Very Loved Kitty

After our orientation, we went to pick out a kitten.  We fell in the love with the sweetest little black cat.  His foster mom had brought him for a visit so he could be adopted.  He was from a litter of 5 black males so the foster mom dubbed them the Jackson 5 and his name was Tito.  She even gave us a bed, blanket, toys and a baby book.  This kitten was loved and now he's even more loved.  We named him Jet because of our obsession with aviation and because he's jet black.  

He's a darling little guy.  The kids are enamored and don't mind cleaning the kitty litter.  We acclimated him to our bedroom for the first 24 hours and then he explored the rest of the house.  He sometimes needs his space from the exuberance of Jase and Evelyn, but he's pretty tolerant--the perfect kitten for us!

He doesn't even mind when we have bed head!

After picking out our sweet Jet, we had a visit from Ben and Kara.  Evelyn and Jase love playing with Zach and I love holding the sweetest Olivia.

At the Library Reopening

Tony had to work so I took the kids to the Renton Library re-opening.  It was right next to the place we want to volunteer and we had an orientation that morning.

The library had a musician performing for the kids which was fun.

The library is built across the Cedar River so it has an amazing view.

In a little while we'll be able to see the Salmon spawning in this shallow water.

On our way to our volunteer orientation at Birthday Dreams, Max was so excited about some books he checked out that he couldn't wait to read them.  My little book worm.  I love it.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Evelyn's Well Child Check-Up!

Daddy took Evelyn for her well child exam today.  Afterwards she came home and immediately wanted to play with the shopping cart Danielle gave her.  We love that it has room for her baby to ride in it just like she does at the grocery store. :)

This cutie is 35 inches tall (75th percentile)

She weighs 26.2 pounds (25th percentile)

 She says mama and daddy, hi, bye, bubble, ball, Max, Ryan, uh uh, uh oh,  She pretty much says most words but you just can't always understand them clearly.

She knows many animal sounds and LOVES animals.  She loves to go outside.  She's very meticulous about closing the door and wiping up her spot after a meal.  She loves to help.  She loves to be wherever I am and I can't usually take a shower without her wanting to join in.She  wants to hold hands a lot and can sometimes be timid when it comes to playing at the playground.  She'd rather hang back with mom.  So, I get to play a lot to help her get comfortable. :)  She loves kisses, hugs and snuggles.  She will touch our face in the sweetest, most loving way.  She knows how to be, mom, mom, mom, MOM!

Love our lady bug girl!

Evelyn Kate is 2!

Evelyn is 2!  It's hard to believe!  She is a funny little person who loves to make silly faces and ham it up.  She has the funnest giggle.  Ev is really compassionate.  She is snuggly and sweet.  If someone is hurt, she gives them a hug.  She's very sweet with babies too, always talking softly and touching them softly on the head.  She loves to keep up with her brothers as long as she isn't very far from mom.  She is also very girly, with her "baby", stroller, new purse.  She loves to put dresses on.  She loves to sing and hearing her sing is one of my favorite things.  

We celebrated her birthday with pink chocolate chip pancakes.  Our favorite baby sitter, Danielle came over and she helped me make cupcakes and go to the store.  

She also brought over her grandparent's ice cream maker so we could have homemade ice cream.  Yum!

I made a jumbo cupcake for her cake.

She got a frame for this picture so it can hang in her room.

She's going to get a kitchen or store but we haven't picked the right one out yet.  

We also surprised the kids by telling them we were going to get a family kitty.  We went looking on her birthday but we didn't find our kitty that night.

Monday, August 24, 2015

58481 Ross Road, St. Helens, OR

Just adding a little bit of extra time to our trip took me back to my childhood home.  I was born in Salem, Oregon but my family moved to St. Helen's Oregon when I was 3 (same year Mt. St. Helens erupted).  I have fond memories of life in St. Helens and I even remember the address even though we moved when I was 8.  As we drove up Ross Road, I remember taking so many walks on this road and picking horsetail and Queen Anne's lace.  I still love seeing horsetail and Queen Anne's lace even now.  I didn't see it for 17 years until I moved back to the northwest.

I loved this house but it is hilarious seeing it again from an adult perspective.  Tony, Alan and I visited in 2005 also.  In my memory, our house was way further back from the road but I'm on the road and taking this picture so it's all perspective.  It's not far at all.  Since we moved, the house went from a pretty, natural wood look, to this peach (not a fan).  They've added a cute swing and some bushes and fruit trees.  We had a large lawn and then behind the house was just field with a path that we made tromping back and forth to our neighbor's house behind us.  We had 2 acres and I love it.  There were trees on the north side of the field where my brother's built a clubhouse.  If I was every going to my friend's house alone, I would run all the way across the field for fear that the giants who lived in the trees would get me.  I loved it when the rye grass was high because I would go out o a little hill and lay down in the grass and look up at the clouds.  It was my thinking spot.  And when we'd have someone but the field grass and make hay bales, we would play hide and go seek in the field with our friends at dusk and have great hiding places.

The side/south of the house here had a huge garden, rows of corn, tomatoes, squash, etc.  My parents have always been great gardeners.

I drove behind the property even though it was a private drive because I wanted to see how things had changed.  Here is the back view of our house.  The fence wasn't there before and the barn was built after we moved.

This is the neighbor's house where I used to play all of the time.  They even used to have a clubhouse in their backyard.

Over here our neighbors had put in a baseball diamond which is gone now.  

I drove by the front of our property again and took a picture of the north side.  Lots of fruit trees and a driveway back to the barn.  

I know from visiting in 2005 that my elementary school had burned down so it was completely rebuilt.  I didn't drive through town much but I did pass the high school where Darin and Alan went and I did see Sunshine Pizza is still there.  They sponsored my softball team when I was in 2nd grade.   I should have driven by the chapel and seen if it was the same one where I was baptized.  More great memories. :)