Thursday, March 12, 2015

Fun Surprise!

There is a girl in our ward who got called to the France, Lyon mission which is the same mission I served in when it was called the Switzerland, Geneva mission.  Her first area is Lyon, just like me and her first apartment is my first apartment.  It's so fun to read her mission letters!  She sent me this picture that she found in the apartment.  Loved it!

Pinewood Derby--Unlimited 2015

The boys were excited to make cars with their dad.  The boy scouts had planned to have an unlimited pinewood derby so even our little guys could enter.

Ryan's car did a little better and Max tried to be happy about not winning a race.

The family had a good time even though the faces below were caught looking unexcited. ; )

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cousin Date Night

Our cousins, Becky and Ben were enjoying a weekend at a nearby lakehouse so we planned a night we could spend together.  They enjoyed seeing our new place and we enjoyed the view from their weekend digs.  Then we went for a walk along Lake Washington.  After enjoying the view, we drove into Seattle to eat at Chandler's Crabhouse on Lake Union.  They purport to have the world's best crabcake.  Well, it was definitely the best we've ever had.  Then we enjoyed the beautiful night and the view of Seattle.

Open House

Ryan in front of the Tiger Paw Winner Board!  He was a winner this month!

Ryan's class took the "Dive into Reading" theme and read, "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish".  Cute bulletin board!  I especially love those rocks!

Max's class celebrated the 100th day of school by drawing pictures of what they would look like in 100 years.  I got to work on this bulletin board too so I got a sneak peek at Max's artistry.  

Haha.  I texted the pic to Tony.  And then we let Max tell us all about it at Back to School Night. 

These were books that Max's class put together.  They each had a different page.  These books were worked on during the fall but we hadn't seen them yet.

It is really fun seeing how much the boys love school and showing off their projects.  I wish I'd taken a picture of the pictures they drew of their families.  I'll have to do that when they bring them home.

Conspiring Babies

When we're not having a playdate or doing house projects or volunteering at the school, etc., the babies are busy.  They love to color, eat, play with cars and trucks, eat again, take books off of the shelf, eat again, poop in the tub and Evelyn has started getting into the dirt of my plant again.  Tonight I went from cleaning up one mess to cleaning up the next mess they were making when I was cleaning up the first one.  Awww man, it isn't always as crazy as it was tonight, but...

Books, Books, Books!

We Love Books!

Every year the boys' school holds a book fair and a reading challenge.  This year the theme was, "Dive into Reading".  Normally Tony has been able to attend their Doughnuts with Dad (part of the Book Fair) activity because he worked evenings.  Since he has his glorious day schedule, he took the opportunity to do his own "Doughnuts with Dad" afternoon with the boys.

The boys love to read and we are having fun keeping careful notes on what they read so they can try to win the grand prize!

I really love that my boys love books as much as I always have.  I've contemplated starting a book club but adding another thing to my plate when I don't have a lot of time to read didn't really sound fun.  However, when a couple of friends brought up the idea and I had partners in crime, I was all in.  The first book we discussed was, "Unbroken".  Such an interesting, intense read celebrating the resilience of Louis Zamperini.  The next book which I'm already halfway through is, "The Fault in our Stars".  Of course now the reading bug has bitten and taken on a life of it's own so I've got a pile of books that I'm excited to read.  I'm sure I won't be able to read all of them before they become due at the library but a girl can hope.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Evelyn is 18 months old!

Our sweet baby is 18 months old!  She has our hearts!  She has the cutest little sense of humor.

She loves her brothers and is always trying to keep up with them.  She points to different facial features when asked.  She signs more, please, drink, thank you.  She says, mama, dada, papa, bubble, ball, cracker and baby.  She understands so much and is quite the little helper.  She loves her little purse.

I love dressing her in girl things. :)  I really love this little dress.  So cute.  She loves nursery!

Love this girl!  She gives the sweetest hugs and kisses and makes us smile everyday!

She took her purse to her doctor appointment.  Jase also took his back pack.  They were so excited. 

Height:  31.5 inches 45th percentile
Weight:  21 lbs. 14.5oz. 15th percentile
Head Circumference:  18 3/4 inches 80th percentile

Family Hike--Coal Creek Trail

Tony had to work last Saturday so the kids and I took to a trail we had been on a few years ago.  It was a beautiful day.  Coal Creek Trail is only about 15 minutes away and there is an abandoned coal mine shaft, a waterfall, the beautiful creek along the way and several bridges.  We definitely played pooh sticks.  Jason was hilarious.  He froggy hopped sideways along the trail.  He also had issues with the few areas that were muddy.  He got quite upset.  We reassured him and showed him how fun mud is.  Then, on the way back on the trail, you would never know he hadn't liked the mud.  He was digging and squishing along with his brothers and was quite content. :)

Roommate Reunion

I'm a pretty lucky girl to have had so many awesome roommates.  Rachel and Kim and I were roommates in Lakewood, WA when I was attending grad school and when I met Tony. Kimberly completed our group but she's unfortunately too far for this get together.  We face timed though. :)

Playing Around

We have lots of dance parties with friends.

I had a little helper one morning. :)

Those silly babies

Menchies and Missionaries

A new tradition I started was treating kids who completed their Faith in God award to frozen yogurt.  My kids benefited from the beginning of this tradition as well. ; )

We love working with the missionaries.  Lately, we've had the elders over regularly.  This was Elder Peay's last area and Elder Vuyck's first.  The boys really looked up to these missionaries.  We will miss them.