Monday, January 27, 2014

Our 9th Anniversary

Tony and I feel really blessed to have a great marriage and 4 beautiful children.  It's been a wonderful 10 years that we've known each other.  We celebrated our anniversary 3 different evenings.  First we spent one evening together while we were in Las Vegas.  We explored, "renewed our vows at a wedding chapel" ; ) and had dinner at the Paris.  On our anniversary, we spent a quiet evening at home after Tony got home from work.  Then, on another night we got to go to the temple together.  A wonderful friend watched the kids because the four of them with their ages are a bit much for a teenager.  So we spent an evening together at the Seattle temple.  It was perfect.  We got to be in the house of the Lord to remember the covenants we had made and the importance of eternal marriage.  It was the perfect 3 part anniversary when we have little kids which are hard to get away from for long periods of time.
We visited the Pawn Shop from "Pawn Stars".

We picked this wedding chapel to take pictures at.  It was so clichĂ© Vegas which made it awesome.

While we were taking pictures, people drove by honking and yelling "Congratulations!".  Complete awesomeness.

And the evening was complete when we heard them singing "Viva Las Vegas" at the end of the ceremony that was going on and seeing Elvis come out. 

Then we went to Fremont street, but we're not fans. 

Then back to the strip where we did see the Bellagio fountains.  We hadn't seen them this time in Vegas.

Then we found a wonderful French cafĂ© in The Paris.  The inside is made to seem like the streets of Paris.  It doesn't really feel like Paris because it's indoors, but it was close enough so there was of course reminiscing.  I can't wait to show Tony the real Paris someday.  

And here are the pics from one of our most favorite places.  I love my sweetheart.  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about what a wonderful husband I have.
Together Forever


Friday, January 24, 2014

Our Sweet Baby has Pneumonia

We've been missing this sweet smile since it's been rare this week.  Sweet Evelyn has Pneumonia.  She hasn't been sleeping well and she's had a fever in addition to the running nose, coughing and horrible breathing.  She has a little breathing mask so she can get some Albuterol and she's on Antibiotics.  She's doing a bit better now. 

She loves her nightly bath.  She's teething too.

Jason found something fun to do while mom was busy with baby.  He emptied all the rice on one side of the kitchen floor and all of the lentils on the other side.  I decided to join him.  It was fun playing in it.  I decided I needed to make him a sensory box soon.

We've been having cold but beautiful weather.  It's been killing me to have to stay inside.  We've had them play outside with either Tony or I but when it's just me, we're stuck inside to keep Evelyn indoors.  Ryan and I decided to have an indoor "picnic" while the babies were sleeping. 

Then we laid down to look for shapes in "the clouds".  It was also really fun introducing Ryan to the "HA HA game", you know where you lay your head on someone's stomach and they laugh so you start laughing.  

I figured we had a few minutes to go outside before one of the babies would wake up so we went outside but there were no clouds to look at.

Except the housebound part, it's been a good week.  We have a lot to be thankful for.  We're so glad our little princess is doing better. 
Tomorrow we're selling the 4-Runner and I'm kind of sad.  I'd always wanted a 4-Runner and then we had one.  It's been our car for 6 years and it's been a good one.  Tony bought a car that's a better commuter.  I just loved the runner even with the memories of my horrible car accident, even when it wasn't "my car" anymore, even when it got it's facelift and took on the look of "Tony's car".  I love 4-Runners.  Maybe we'll have another one again.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Daybook 1-19-14

Outside My Window...
Dark night and chilly air.

I am Thankful...
that when the car didn't start, I had jumper cables and I was with a friend.

I am Thinking About...
Primary and my sick babies :(
Notes About School...
Ryan's preschool class learned about the letter M this week.  Show and Tell was Wednesday.  The kids are supposed to bring something that starts with the letter of the week.  Ryan wanted me to be his show and tell so I was.  I even stood in the show and tell basket.  Good times.

From the Kitchen...
Extra cupcakes from the Baptism Preview fireside tonight.  I've decided a basic cake decorating kit will be making it's way onto my wish list.  I borrowed one from a friend and I loved it. 

I am Creating...
Order.  There was more organizing this week.  The boys have responsibility charts.  Finally starting these has made my days so much better.  If the kids get their responsibilities done by 7, then they can have 15 minutes of screen time.  They don't get any allowance for these household jobs; it's just part of how they contribute to the family.  However, if they do all of their responsibilities, they can have the opportunity to earn a small amount of money for doing extra chores.  This really works for the kids and the parents.

I am Working On...
changing my scripture study a little.  I'm studying the Old Testament, along with my senior primary kids.  I also want to study the scriptures along with the Preach My Gospel manual.
I am Reading...
Not Your Mothers Make it Ahead Freezer Cookbook
I am Praying...
for the primary organization.  Always.

I am Struggling...
With a hurt knee.  It's driving me crazy.
I am Hearing...

a show that I'm obsessed with.  I'm listening to it, just like old time radio. 
Around the House...
It's quiet and clean and that makes me happy.

One of my Favorite Things...
My kids' responsibility charts, hee hee.

A Few Plans for the Next Week...
Tackling my to do list.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Sweet Saydi

Saydi Dog has been a part of our lives for a long time.  I met her when I was getting to know Tony.  The kids have known her their whole lives.  Saydi was a great dog.  Tony and I would take her on walks when we were dating.  She would always stop to "read the news".  Tony liked to teach her tricks and give her cheese when she performed.  It was always fun to go on Sunday walks with Saydi when we all lived in Tacoma.  Saydi lived with us for 6 months in Renton when Grandpa J lived with us.  She was always so patient with my boys.  She was so gentle; a great dog for kids.  It's been a sad week as the Epperson family said good-bye to sweet Saydi.  I'm so grateful that we were just with her for Christmas.  Jason especially liked to follow her around, she was right at his level.  Here are some great pics of Saydi.
Max has always loved Saydi.
 It was fun to play with Saydi at Milk Creek.
Hunting crawdads.
Saydi and Max sharing Max's bed
Jason loves Saydi dog
I asked Stacey if I could put her tribute to Saydi in our blog so that it could become a part of our family book.  Stacey's known Saydi since the beginning.  Here is a link:
This week we lost a member of our pack. Saydi joined our family as a puppy in 2001. According to my brother and dad, she was the cutest ball of fluff they had ever laid eyes on. She was the last of her litter to be sold and as she came running out of the shed to greet her new family, my father says he couldn't get his check book out fast enough.

Her mother was a Jack-Russell Terrier and we believe her father was a Chow because of the fluff of mane on her neck and the black spots on her tongue. As a puppy she had floppy ears, until one day, when one of her ears stood up. It was like she had finally grown into them.

A short while after her adoption, my mother brought home a little kitten, whom my brother named Stryder.
Upon first meeting each other little Stryder wasn't that thrilled. But they soon grew to be fast friend. I've never seen a dog and cat get along so well.

Both of them were the friendliest of animals. Stryder still thinks he is a dog. He is happily living in Washington with a good friend of mine. When my parents moved to Montana the duo was separated.

Saydi happily followed my parents from house to house. She lived in seven different houses during her life. But she was happy because she was with her people.

She loved her people, but she was never a really a cuddly dog. But she would always welcome us at the door. Tail wagging and grinning. She loved to be scratched.

She always wanted to see what was going on outside. So in every home she had her spot.

My parents have a jar of almonds sitting on their kitchen counter, and whenever I want a quick snack I go for the almond jar. Saydi always knew, no matter where she was in the house, when I was getting into the almonds. As soon as I had a hand full I would look down and see this:
Those big brown eyes...she loved almonds.

Her last few months she lost her hearing but not her excitement for being alive. She would randomly play with her toys. She spent all of Christmas time enjoying the little ones that adored her and the food dropped by them from the table.

Shortly after new years she stopped eating. Not even her doggy biscuits. She lost a lot of weight.
So this last Tuesday my parents took her into the vet. The news was worst then they first thought. Our little buddy had just a few days left. So we had to say our good-byes:
She spent her last day sleeping and sitting outside in the sunshine. When the time came my parents were with her and she was able to rest.

She was the most gentlest, sweetest, loyal animal I have ever met. She will be missed.