Friday, January 5, 2018

New Year's Eve Redo

Everyone was feeling better so we redid out New Year's Eve plans.  

We had dinner, made GAK, played cards, video games and laser tag.  Pretty much what we did at home except we got to do it with fun friends!  So fun!

Pictures with Danielle

We got to hang out with Danielle the night before she left to go back to college.  We just love Danielle.

Playing with Friends

We have some friends that we aren't going to be able to see as often, which is a bummer because Jase and Ry had both their church class and their school class together this year.  We love these guys so we planned a chance to play.

Ryan and Tyler were serious lego builders.

 Evelyn, Jase and Edi were all pretending to be cats and even tucked Tiger Lily in because she was part of their cat family.

Here is Edi taking a cat nap.

Max and Zach were video gamers and laser taggers.

And one more picture of our very patient cat.

Howdy Ho Neighbor!

This picture makes me chuckle.  We have some great neighbors.  Nathan works from home a lot so Tony used to stop over and visit at his office window after work.  Now that he's on 2nd shift, he stops by before work.  We love our neighbors!

Germs Alive

Cub Scouts are fun.  We learned about germs and how they spread.  Then the kids made slime.  They are a fun bunch!

New Year's Day

We went to see Ben, Kara, Zach and Olivia.  We dropped Tony and Jase off about 10 miles before we got there so they could ride there.  

Then we played and chatted and walked and rode bikes.  We love this family!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

100 Things to Do in 2018

100 Things to do in 2018

1.  Leach Family Reunion
2.  Build a new dining room table
3.  Family Bike packing trip
4.  Family Cooking Night-crepes
5.  Hike to a Ghost Town, Monte Cristo WA (8.0 miles round trip)
6.  Vashon Island light house visit
7.  Visit Mt. St. Helens
8.  Learn how to milk a cow
9.  Plant trees with Mountains to Sound Greenway
10. Mariners Game (6/1/18--$17 tix)
11. WNBA game
12.  visit Renton Farmers Market (Tuesdays)
13.  Kelsey Creek Farm Visit (Sheep Shearing Festival)
14.  Pajama and Video Game Day
15.  Learn how to make hummus
16.  Plant a Garden (April)
17.  Complete the library summer reading program
18.  Sing carols at a nursing home
19.  Visit Northwest Trek (late spring, $22.25 for adult, $14.25 for youth)
10.  Fort Nisqually (one family is $22)
11.  BYU vs. UW football game 9/29
12.  Have a Pillow Fight
13.  Have Target Practice
14.  Dinner at Panda Express
15.  Learn how to make doughnuts
16.  Learn how to make root beer
17.  Cut down our own Christmas tree
18.  New bikes for mom and Evelyn
19.  Teach Ev how to ride with pedals
20.  Have a good manners Night/Tea Party
21.  Attend the Theatre
22.  120 Mile Bike Riding Summer
23.  Family Book List
24.  Visit a Lavender Farm
25.  Go-Cart Racing
26.  Visit Farragut State Park
27.  Save for 2019 Disneyland Trip
28.  Visit the Enchanted Forest
29.  Finish Will
30.  Watch Shark Tank as a family (1/16/18)
31.  Go berry picking at a berry farm
32.  Play in the international fountain during the summer
33.  Buy fish at Pikes Place Fish Market
34.  Make Infant Blankets for Seattle Children's Hospital
35.  Take a Family a Meal Once a quarter
36.  Study Bastille Day and celebrate it
37.  Finish Wizard of Oz book series
38.  Put bark under tree fort
39.  Make a board for our travel patches
40.  Read Native American folklore
41.  Send Christmas Cards out in November
42.  Have Family Pictures taken
43.  Host a kids' white elephant gift exchange/party
44.  Have an FHE where we heart attack friends' doors
45.  Family Bowling Night
46.  Make a candle and give it to someone
47.  Read the Book of Mormon as a family
48.  Visit the Pacific Science Center
49.  Ride our bikes around Seward Park
50.  Visit the environmental center at Seahurst Beach
51.  Visit Discovery Park between mid-October to Thanksgiving and follow the Salmon to Sound Trail
52.  Visit the Olympic Sculpture Garden
53.  Fly kites at Gasworks park (March)
54.  Hike Rattlesnake Ledge
55.  Hike Twin Falls
56.  Beach Day at Point No Point, visit Lighthouse
57.  Beach day at Alki Beach
58.  Visit the conservatory at Volunteer Park and then go swimming.
59.  Visit the Tulip Festival in April
60.  Run 5 Fun Runs as a family
61.  Go on a scavenger hunt
62.  Go camping in a yurt
63.  Ride the Cedar River Trail to Maple Valley as a family
64.  Take May Day Flowers to 5 seniors who live alone
65.  Volunteer on the Day of Service 9/8/18
66.  Do an orienteering course
67.  Ride our bikes on Whidbey Island and visit the light house
68.  Watch the Incredibles 2 at the Drive in Theater
69.  Complete a 500 piece puzzle as a family
70.  Ride the Soos Creek Trail as a family
71.  Ride the John Wayne trail through the tunnel
72.  Follow the deep cleaning schedule on the first Saturday of the month
73.  Family Board Game Night with "Don't Eat Pete"
74.  Costume Night
75.  Send a message in a bottle in the ocean
76.  Learn how to change a tire
77.  Complete a 30 Day push up challenge as a family
78.  Learn how to build a campfire
79.  Have a Family Show and Tell Night
80.  Make Your own movie night
81.  Good Will $5 Treasure Hunt
82.  Learn how to identify 5 native plants
83.  Study the history of music and have a music showcase night
84.  Apple Tasting Night
85.  Mad-Libs and Crossword puzzles Night
86.  Family Restaurant night with candles
87.  Laser Tag at Phillip Arnold
88.  Refinish front deck
89.  Family Fondue Night
90.  Family Olympics Night
91.  Family Science Experiment night
92.  Sand kitchen countertops
93.  Watch Winter Olympics opening ceremony
94.  Plant a garden
95.  Tony--Ride the Seattle to Portland
96.  Tony--Build Bumper and Sliders for 4 Runner
97.  Tony--read 10 books
98.  Deb--read 50 books
99.  Deb--Create a family photo book
100.  Deb--Balance check book weekly