Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas Caroling

We got to go caroling a few times this week.  A friend arranged to sing at an assisted living home.  She provided crafts for the kids and the best hot chocolate bar I've ever seen.  Tonight the cub scouts caroled at another facility but I didn't get any pictures.  These are from yesterday.  My favorite part of the evening was when the kids visited afterwards.  There was a woman who told about her experience as a kid learning about the attack on Pearl Harbor.  Another cool moment was when Max and his friend Jimmy, just decided to spontaneously give a piano performance of Jingle Bells.  They sat down on the bench together and Max played the verse.  Then he slid off the bench and Jimmy slid over and played the chorus.  They've never practiced together and who knew they had the confidence to put on an impromptu performance.  Love those boys.

Cute Kids Doing Cute Things

The kids love when it's their turn to unwrap a book to read.

This pic made me laugh so hard.  I had to send it to Tony.  So Tony wakes up super early to leave for work.  The littles have joined us in bed either before or after he leaves, usually after.  Here is proof that they are bed hogs!

Every time we drive in the car, the kids are excited to have the Christmas lights turned on.

St. Nicolas Day

Petit Papa Noel
Quand tu descendaras du ciel
Avec tes jouets par milliers
n'oublie pas, mes petits souliers!

Monday, December 5, 2016

O Beau Sapin!

We got our Christmas tree tonight!  We purchased it from the local Lion's club tree lot which is basically giving back to the community so that feels good.  

Time for a little Christmas potpourri.

Trimming the tree!

And the little tree!

Tony was also festive by decorating the cars with lights.

Max paused to play with the kittens of course.

Ryan and Max also finished the paintings.

We forgot that our star was broken last year so our tree is topless right now.   

This view and the nativities are my absolute favorite!

Winter Wonderland for a Minute!

We woke up to snow this morning!  The kids were so excited!

The snow stopped after I dropped Jase off at preschool, but we kept the snow alive by working on our painting.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

A Fun Saturday!

It was moving day for some good friends of ours so Tony helped lift the big stuff and I had all their kids and our kids all day so they could concentrate on the move and getting unpacked and organized.

We did a mommy/daughter/friend trip to see Moana with another friend.  Evelyn's first trip to the theater!  We loved it.  Evelyn was a bit wiggly but she said she liked it. :)  I loved sitting there in the theater with her on my lap the whole time, just a mom and her sweet girl.

Afterwards the three girls rode the Christmas train!

We did some painting!  And Max and Jimmy got video game time which made them happy!

Doing "Homework"