Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Family Day!

While Tony was in Oregon, we had a nice Sunday together.  I discovered a new series on women in the church while reading the Ensign.

Evelyn looked like a cutie patootie at Stake Conference!

I pulled out my violin and even let the boys try it.  

Great-Grandma Bernice

Great-Grandma Bernice passed away last week.  Bernice is Grandma Kate's step-mom, the one who raised her.  Tony was able to go down for the service and be with his family.  Everyone said the service was really nice.

Ghost Town Hike

I love our state and Saturday, we went on a hike that gave me even more reason to love it.  We visited the ghost town of Franklin, WA which is only about 30 minutes away.  It was a mining town that had a suspicious mine fire kill 37 miners.  When the coal mining industry slowed down, the town's residents left to look for jobs and now all that is left is a cemetery, the mine shaft that has a grate over it now, some mine car tracks and a foundation.

Right near the entrance to the parking area is a one-lane bridge that goes over the Green River Gorge.  It was stunning.  Waterfalls are beautiful.

After having to work hard to get the boys to get along on the hike (talking about Minecraft finally got them walking side by side), it was nice to see them voluntarily doing something together.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Crazy Cubs

These boys make me laugh!  And I LOVE Patty's reaction!

Board Game Night

On Friday, we had some plans change so we ended up working on scouting requirements and I got some necessary organizing done.  Then we had a board game afternoon/evening.  We took out a bunch of board games and rolled the dice to see who got to pick.  We played Pokemon Sorry, Winne-the-Pooh Memory, Curses, Candyland and UNO.  It was so much fun!

Park Fun!

Tony took Max and Ryan and Vinnie and Russell to the Family Fun Center because they were having a spring break special.  They played laser tag and video games, rode the VR ride, etc.  They had a blast.  While they were there, Trisha, Jase, Dottie, Ev and Wyatt went to the park to play.  Then when the rain started to fall we went back to our place and played and baked muffins.  

Then we met the Kranz family at the downtown library where it was raining pretty hard.  

Then there was a break in the rain and we played at the park.  Then the kids went over the skate park and did a little parcour (and also wore holes in their pants).

After that we took Ryan to an appointment and I took the kids to Costco for dinner and shopping.  Then I took them to Kohls to get clothes for our family portraits.  I'll tell you what.  After both of those shopping trips, I was feeling like a superhero.  That was monumentous, haha.