Sunday, May 6, 2018

Temple, Kelsy Creek Farm, Ward Dinner

We had a busy, fun Saturday.  First, the kids watched Babe with Danielle and visited the Discovery Center while we went to the temple.  Then we went to Kelsy Creek Farm for the sheep shearing festival.

Our tractor ride was a little out of the norm.  First it was a Lamborghini tractor.  Then he took us off roading and through a pond.  It was a lot of fun.

Next was pony rides for everyone but Jason (maybe next time) and playing at the park.

Later that evening was a ward dinner where I only grabbed a picture at the end of Jarom tackling Jason and then I took a picture outise of our view of Lake Washington.

Moana Movie Night

Our last movie night of the year was Moana!  Danielle helped me decorate some cute cupcakes!  

And a little kitty snuggle!

Family Walks

A new tradition has begun--walks with a purpose.  We love being outside and we love walking, but now we also are keeping track of our family mile time.  Every time we walk, we are seeing if we can beat our previous mile time.  We even get to see a little bunny sometimes.

She Met the Boy She's Going to Marry!

Evelyn had a playdate with Cooper at the house and then we met friends at the lake.  Evelyn later told me that she's going to marry him.  Awwww!

Max Earns His Webelos!

Good job, Max!

Vancouver Weekend

We had a cousins weekend!  It was fun to see Becky, Ben and Lucy.  We also spent time in Washougal visiting Hannah, Clark, Alice, Elise, Alan, Sarah, Ken and Grandma Kate.

Max climbed a tall tree.

Ryan and Alice broke rocks to make puzzles.

The next morning we visited the Lucy's school property and explored the wetlands, played 4 square and enjoyed the nice weather.

Before we left for home, we also did a little karaoke.  The kids loved it.