Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Danielle Came!

 Danielle came to visit for a long weekend!  We were so glad to have her stop by!  

Punkin Heads

Look who hopped into bed after I got up.

Lunar New Year!

Jase's class and all of the other kindergarten classes did a parade for Lundar New Year.  They were so cute carrying a Chinese dragon.

Book Fair

Book Fair consisted of a Doughnuts with Dads event, and Literacy Night.  

Clifford came to Literacy Night!

There was even a visit from an author.

My co-chair, Kristi, got me this cute bear because I'd talked about wanting one of those magic pillows.  I'm not even a stuffed animal person but it fits perfectly on our bed.  And it's a magic pillow!

Setting Up for Book Fair

Promoting reading at the school is so fun.  I love helping with the book fair.  My co-chair, Kristi, is great and we work pretty well together.  This year the theme was "PAWS for books"

There was so much work that went into this, including going to a workshop, but I wouldn't trade it.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Max's Basketball Team

Max is playing on the Raptors this year.  Most of his teammates are the same as last year.  It's really fun to see him develop skills as a baller.

Subbing at the Preschool

I love subbing at the preschool.  One day I got to help the kids make these cute Olafs.  Adorable!