Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tiptoeing Through the Tulips

We met up with Ben, Kara, Zach and Olivia to tiptoe through the beautiful tulips and daffodills in Mt. Vernon.  So beautiful!

Cosmic Kids Yoga and the Bike Brigade

We've started watching Cosmic Kids Yoga on you tube every morning.  It's such a fun way for kids to stretch and learn the basics of yoga while hearing a story.

After preschool, Jase, Evelyn and I joined Myles and Cami and Cachet for some bike riding!

Easter Sunday!

This is a lot of pictures but this is because I wanted Easter pics when the kids were so cute but we had a sunny day which my vampire kids struggled with and Evelyn was grumpy.  So instead of picture perfect pictures, we have real life. ; )

I laugh out loud each time at Ryan's expression below.  

Easter Dinner with the Hanes

I love these pictures of us trying Alanna's Skip It, haha.

It was such a wonderful Easter.  We reflected on our Savior's atonement and created fun memories with friends.