Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Aviation Expo

We went to an Aviation expo yesterday.  The kids loved getting all of the giveaway items, including aviator glasses.  Max and I were the ones who found them and the lady giving them away had to take a picture of Max with the glasses and aviator jacket.  Too cute.
We also learned about this program in Puyallup called TeenFlight.  It's sponsored by Alaska Airlines.  Kids apply to be join this group.  They get to build an airplane and then learn to fly it.  Pretty cool.  And it's free.  We have a few years before our kids would be ready for it, but I can imagine them wanting to do this. 

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

Tony wanted a simple celebration for his birthday.  He got to work a day shift so we could celebrate with him more on the actual day which made it fun.  I taught Joy School in the morning and then tried to decorate.  That was easier said than done with 2 little ones for sure.  :)  Tony came home to signs and balloons and streamers. The boys had drawn him pictures (lots of Calvin and Hobbes).  I made his favorite dinner and a cherry cheesecake.  The boys and I had fun wrapping his presents and then...

                                              A lot of smoke with 36 candles.  :)

36 Reasons Tony is the Greatest
1.  He is loyal and true to his family.
2.  He has faith in Heavenly Father and teaches his children to pray.
3.  He can melt my heart with one look.
4.  He is funny and light-hearted.
5.  He is humble and treats people well.
6.  He is always wanting to learn new things.
7.  He is so talented at creating and building and fixing.
8.  He is his children's' hero.
9.  He loves being with his kids and taking care of them
10.  He loves me first.
11.  He is kind-hearted and sees the best in people.
12.  He honors his heroes, his mother, father and grandfather.
13.  He is very service minded.
14.  He believes in living life.
15.  He wants me to follow my passions.
16.  He loves the youth he teaches at church.
17.  He learns from his mistakes.
18.  He works hard for things--he does not act entitled.
19.  He helps me make the bed because it's important to me. 
20.  He helps take care of Evelyn during the night.
21.  He supports girl time for me, which seems like a given, but that isn't the case for everyone.
22.  He has great taste in music.
23.  He'll play Star Wars Monopoly with a 6 and 4 year old. 
24.  He has always joked about not wanting to have a girl, but that was all in jest.  Evelyn has him wrapped around her tiny finger.
25.  He loves the outdoors.
26.  I always feel safe and protected when he's around.
27.  He loves his country.
28.  He gives the best hugs and kisses.
29.  He's forgiving.
30.  His kids love his tickles.
31.  He is dependable and trustworthy.
32.  He'll play grocery store games with me.
33.  He is a gentlemen and also very respectful of his elders.
34.  He dances with me.
35. He ignores me when I need to be ignored and only then.
36.  He is always there for me.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Science Fair Prep

For our family home evening activity tonight, Tony showed the boys how to build a simple electromagnetic motor.  It was a battery with a copper armature.  Max's science fair project is going to be about electricity. He's learning about electricity so he can demonstrate how it works.
Random side note.  We had a candlelight dinner as a family and the boys loved it.  We had the candles left over from Valentines day.  It was so funny to see how excited the boys got.  Gotta love the simple things.

Valentine's Day 2014

I love surprising the boys with Valentines on the table when they wake up.  Jason had a little surprise for us because he had thrown up in his bed.  After that, Max made Valentines for everyone and ours read that he was sorry that Jason had thrown up.  Tony took Jase to the doctor because he's thrown up periodically this week.  He's being tested for food allergies.  Tony and I got to go out for a Valentine's dinner on the weekend which was nice.  It's always nice to get away together.  The boys both had Valentine parties at school so they loved looking at all of their valentines together. 

Joy School Valentine's Party 2014

It seems to often be my turn for joy school around Valentine's day so I must be lucky.  We did a cutting and pasting project, went on a numbers hunt and put the numbers in order, traced the letter n, talked about love and service, made frosting, decorated cupcakes, took them to my neighbors' house, made beaded bracelets for their moms and passed out the Valentines they had brought for each other.  All of this was mixed with play time throughout.  They had a fun time.  It's fun to teach this group.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Butterfly Kisses

Today was a beautiful sunny day, not even the smallest cluster of snow remained.  My friend watched my littlest so Tony and I could go on a house-hunting date.  Then afterwards, Tony went to work and I chatted with the friend for a little while.  Then I saw another friend and the kids played for a minute.  Then I drove by another possible house and had to remind myself yet again that Heavenly Father knows what is best for us and if we are meant to find a house, he will make that happen.  Purchasing a house is a huge commitment and it's scary and I live where the housing is expensive.  This makes it hard, but hopefully, it will happen.  

Tonight, after I put the boys to bed, I had to record the way we say goodnight.  First we do "butterfly kisses", brushing our eyelashes together.  Then we do "nose kisses" and then a real kiss.  I love my babies and this part of the night is the sweetest part.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Snow Day

It snowed here on Saturday night.  The boys were so excited to wake up to snow.  Our church meetings were cancelled because of the steep hills here and the lack of snow equipment to make the roads safe.  We decided to take the boys sledding.  We met up with some other families and the kids had a blast.  Jason, our boy who loves to go outside, did not like the snow.  In fact, it was torture to even get him bundled up in layers to go play in the snow.  He cried the whole time.  But there were still good times had by all.

2/8/14 Dear Jason

Dear Jason,

You are the cutest 20 month old there is.  However, when I wake up to find out you smeared your poo all over your bed, well, it's not the best way to wake up, let's just say that.  It's a good thing, you're usually so smiley and so silly.  I love that you love tickles and you love to play chase.  You are the such a fun boy.  I just can't ever get so tired that I don't put pajama bottoms on you.  You cannot have access to your diaper.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Our Baby Doll

Sweet Eve at 5 1/2 months.  The stroller is a doll stroller.


Sunday, February 2, 2014

About Being Overwhelmed

Last week at church I had a very overwhelming day.  This was unfortunate because it was the same day that I heard twice that being overwhelmed is not a feeling that comes from the Lord.  He doesn't want us to feel overwhelmed about doing His work.  I have been feeling overwhelmed this past month because there's been a lot going on.  We've been adjusting to a new schedule, combining somewhat with another congregation.  It's been a lot of little things like changing around room assignments to fit the needs of the primary, adjusting to a lack of set up time, etc., etc.  I've been feeling really frustrated and inadequate and probably some other feelings that don't come from the Lord either.  I've been praying and praying for the children, for the situations to resolve, to feel some peace.  Last week when we were talking to some stake primary leaders about fostering reverence in the primary with so many young kids, one thing in particular stuck out to me.  We have to feel reverent ourselves--the kids can pick up on us feeling anxious or stressed.  Now normally, I don't feel this way in primary, but this month has been a doozy for the reasons I've mentioned and ones I haven't so I haven't felt relaxed.  Also, I've been able to work on some small things this week so I can feel a bit more organized with the small details so they're done and out of the way on Sunday.  I love the children so much and I want them to feel loved and important and learn the gospel.  Today, coming to church, I felt that peace that I haven't felt in four weeks at church.  I felt calmer and happier.  Every testimony that was shared in Sacrament meeting was a message that I needed to hear.  I shared my testimony as well.  I believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is for all of us, that we are imperfect but as we come to church and serve each other and share our testimonies, we can learn the lessons we need to learn, we can understand the gospel and we can feel the love that our Savior has for us.  The testimonies that were shared today were answers to the prayers that I have been praying this month.  Prayers are answered in so many ways, but I am grateful that I have a loving Father in Heaven who takes the time to answer my prayers.  He cares about each of His children.  I feel so happy to be serving in primary and to be learning the lessons that I am.  I wouldn't change things, not even the learning experiences, not at all. 

John 14:27

A Weekend with Babies

Tony and I split the kids up this weekend.  Unfortunately, his Aunt Marlene passed away so he took Max and Ryan down to Oregon to pay his respects.  I kept the little ones home since Evelyn recently had pneumonia. 
I had some girl time when the babies went to bed and then the next day was baby day.  Evelyn was such a big girl this weekend.

Big brother always likes to give her kisses.

We had fun at the park and Evelyn had her first outside swing ride!

Jason is getting fearless.  He did need a little help on the last part though.  He climbs up and down on the boys' bunkbed at home too.  Yikes.

Tony was able to see his cousins and the kids were able to play with cousins and see Grandma Kate.
Here are some pics from Grandma Kate's cell phone.
Max and Ely's rock hut
Playing with buttons.