Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Joy School--Spring!

Today I taught about spring!  We're so excited for spring to come!  We went on a nature walk, planted seeds, made flowers, learned about bees, played balloon volleyball and practiced writing our S's.  We also read some books about spring and counting.  The kids had fun and they play so well together!  I love teaching them.


The Cutest Bed Snatchers!

The other morning, I came to make my bed and I found these three cuties in my bed.

Another Fun Saturday!

I did a music review for The Seattle Sisters blog and then the boys and I went to see him perform in Renton.  It was so fun!  Then Tony took the boys to the Aviation Conference which is an annual tradition.  They come home with all sorts of fun freebies like basal wood airplanes.  Then when Grandma was done with work we went to pick up our cousin, Michelle at the airport.  It was so fun to see her.  She was on her way home to Korea and even brought the boys training chopsticks!  After we got her, we went out to dinner with more cousins, Ben and Kara.  I got some pics of the group.  Horrible lighting but fun expressions!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Tony's Family Fun Birthday!

Reason #3,305,769 that we love Tony:  He thinks of the kids even on his birthday.  He wanted to go to the Family Fun Center which we haven't been to since before we had kids.  It was so much fun!

The kids got to ride fast go-carts with daddy and slower go-carts all by themselves, we played mini-golf, bumper cars, max and daddy did laser tag, we played arcade games.  We were there for four hours and could have stayed even longer!

The boys tried their first "ride" and loved it.  You can't tell very well in the video but Ryan's terrified look after the first drop is priceless and then they both love it. 

Here they are loving bumper cars:

We all loved putt-putt golf, even Jase.
Ryan had his own style.

Max got pretty good although there were a few wild moments.

Some favorite games:
Too much fun, but wait there's more!
And then we had cake!  So much smoke with 35 candles!

We love you Tony!  Thank you for letting us celebrate with you in such a fun way!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Jase at 8 Months!

Jase turned 8 months on the 8th!  He is such a busy, smiley boy!  On the 14th, we finally felt a tooth so now we finally see the reason he's been drooling for 4 months.

Ryan the Mechanic!

I thought this was too cute.  Ryan told me he was "working on the car like daddy".

Valentine's Day

I meant to take a pic of Tony and I but well, sometimes 3 littles are distracting.  But we had a nice morning and Tony surprised me.  We get to go on our date on Saturday.  We made heart pancakes for the boys.  Here is Jason eating his pancake.
And the big boys got berry syrup on theirs.  Yum!
I got to help out in Max's kindergarten class.  It was so fun to see all of his cute kindergarten friends.  We had a very nice day!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Star Wars Obsessed!

Star Wars is a hot topic at our house.  Max is always asking us any and all questions about the Star Wars characters and stories.  He and Ryan are always pretending to be Star Wars characters.  It's getting to be a little much really.  However, I thought this was cute.  Max was talking about the American flag.  Then he asked if the Republic had a flag.  I said I didn't know and he decided to make one.  haha.  Silly boy.

From February 2013

Ryan's a Baller!

Ryan loves his sports class.  He is learning basketball right now and he's the cutest little baller!

From February 2013
From February 2013
From February 2013
From February 2013
And he's got an audience!
From February 2013

Spring is in the Air

On Monday, Max was excited.  "Look mom, the flowers are growing".  "No, Max, those are just weeds."  And then I took a closer look and sure enough some beautiful shoots have popped out of the ground. 
I can't even explain the happiness I feel when I see the first signs of Spring.  It's a sign of new life and I just feel so rejuvenated.  I adore Spring!  Now, I'm waiting for this plant to get a little bigger to see if it's one of our Tulips or one of the Daffodills that I planted in the Fall.  Today I weeded.  Funny thing to be happy about, but I love being outside with the sun shining, the boys playing and me working in the garden, whether it be a vegetable garden or a flower garden.  I just love it.
Back to Monday, we decided to go to the park with friends and enjoy the sunshine. 
We have had such a mild winter and now Spring is already here.  I just love the Pacific Northwest.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Feeling Better

The boys felt better this week (phew)!  So we had school (Max), joy school (Ryan) and sports class (Ryan).  We ended the week with a date!  My friend offered to watch Ryan and Max was at school so Tony and I had a lunch date before he had to leave for work.  Then there was a fun 80's girl's night and lots of dancing (me) and a guy's night (Tony).  I got to go to a service project (one of my favorite activities) on Saturday and then we had a family night--just running a few errands, but being together.  We were going to have frozen yogurt but the boys lost the privilege by acting too silly and not listening in one of the stores.  We really wanted frozen yogurt too (pout).  We could have still gotten it, but we just wanted to get them into bed.  Sometimes they do really well, but there are other times, I feel like asking them, "haven't I taught you anything?  I know I have."  C'est la vie d'un parent.  Even in moments like that, I'm so glad to have my boys.  I would never change my life for anything.