Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Our Lovely Weekend

Friday night was movie night with our new friends Angie, Isabelle and Laine.  Saturday morning was soccer!  It's the first time our boys are playing so they're a bit hesitant sometimes.  Max was more aggressive and going after the ball this time.  I missed Ryan's game but Tony was there to support.  Max, Jason and Evelyn and I went to a baptism.  Then we came home, dealt with a car that needed to be towed and the angry recipient of that towing (oh, the joys of property management), we worked in the yard and then watched a movie together.  Sunday we face timed, and then we visited another ward.  It was stake conference, which we love, but, when you want to make a visit and you don't have any responsibilities in your ward, il faut le faire!  So we enjoyed church and then we headed off to the Tulip Festival.  Well, we were driving along after eating our picnic lunch when I realized we wouldn't have time to get back in time for the missionary devotional/fireside I was taking a friend to that night, but we still wanted to go somewhere.  So Tony and I decided to visit a Renton landmark that we had never been to before.  It's a bit random, yes, but it's history.  We visited Jimi Hendrix's grave.  It's always fun to teach the boys little pieces of history.  Then, we had dinner, face timed some more and I headed off to the fireside.  It was amazing.  Angie is just an awesome, fun person to be with and the messages that were shared were incredible.  Let's just say the tears were flowing! 

 A few pictures from our Sunday:

 There's always time for a photo shoot.

 Jase had a little accident.  I do believe in clothing the boys, I promise.

 Tony is showing the helmet he sewed to his family (replica of the one his grandfather wore in WWII)

 Ryan's been making all kinds of notes lately.  He's been using up my envelopes too, but it's so sweet.  Most of them have pictures drawn as well.  I'll have to take pictures of those as well.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

DayBook 4-23-14

Outside My Window...
The tulips have bloomed and look amazing.

I am Thankful...
for life lessons.  I'm really grateful for Elder Uchtdorf and his talk about being Grateful in Any Circumstance.  I listened to it again today and it was really fitting.  I'm feeling grateful for wonderful blessings right now and I want to always be grateful.  Job 1:21 states, And said, Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return thither: the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.  Right now things are really good but whether or not they are really good, I want to have the faith of Job.

I am Thinking About...
Baptisms, house hunting and reorganizing.

Notes About School...
Max planted wheat for his Science class.  Ryan studied the letter V this week.

From the Kitchen...
Did an inventory of my chest freezer last night.  Great way to save on grocery shopping is to take stock of your freezer and pantry.

I am Creating...
Cleanliness.  I love to rearrange and reorganize.  I'm the type of person that ends up with a big mess for awhile because as I arrange, I have to clean as well.  But that big mess soon becomes organized bliss.

I am Working On...

 A food plan.  I'm writing down everything I'm going to eat, even down to my snacks ahead of time.  Focus, focus.

I am Reading...
General Conference talks over again.  I love them.
I am Praying...
for the primary and nursery children and their families, the primary teachers and their families (always). 

I am Struggling...
with patience when Jason doesn't talk.  Some days he does better than others.  Today it seemed like he just whined.  He says mama but rarely), baby (a lot), bubble bath (a lot), car (a lot), 'gain (again) (frequently).  He responds well and still signs well (more, drink, food, please, milk).  He knows body parts and people and is so happy usually, but lately he seems whiny and doesn't talk as much.  I think his whining also has to do with his teething.  I feel like I'm patient most of the time, but when he talks (or communicates I should say) instead of whines, it's so much nicer on the ears.   

I am Hearing...
or (not) hearing sleeping children.

Around the House...
It's time to finish the last of the organizing.

One of my Favorite Things...
When my children laugh and giggle.  Best sounds ever!

A Few Plans for the Next Week...
Exercise 4 times this week, go to a baptism, plan for my girl's trip to BYU Women's Conference!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy in Any Circumstance

I was talking to my brother today and he reminded me of this talk by Elder Uchtdorf:  Grateful in Any Circumstance.  This was great to hear again. 

And we are most grateful for our Savior and we love celebrating His life and victory over death!

Easter 2014

Our Easter was lovely. 

Do you think Ev is excited about dyeing eggs yet?  And don't worry, I was never away than arm's reach if you're worried about her in the bumbo on the table.
Tony took the older boys to Z's baby blessing where they got to be with cousins.  Fun!  I took the younger two to our ward so I could teach sharing time.  Then we took pictures when everyone was back together.  Love these kiddos but it is not easy to photograph all 4 looking the same direction.

Ha ha, I love this one.
Here is the reason, we love Easter.

And a scripture I love.

John 11:25  Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.

Ryan's Preschool Easter Egg Hunt

Some April Birthdays

I love birthdays.  I got to help plan a surprise party for a dear friend and a dear mother-in-law.  First Jenna turned 29 again.

Then Grandma Kate turned 29 again.  Well, not yet, we just wanted to surprise her with a little party since we got to see her during her birthday month.  She doesn't turn 29 again for another week and a half.