Wednesday, July 30, 2014

For Two Boys who Want a Dog!

The boys would love a dog and although Tony and I are both fans of the idea, I've wanted to wait a little while.  Life is busy and smelly enough with two babies in diapers, I'm not interested in picking up the poo of another small creature.  Tony and I have talked though and we know it's in the future.  Well, the boys were asked to watch a friend's dogs and this was such a good experience that we're leaning towards getting a dog sooner rather than later.

They both had a dog to walk and they were happy to pick up the poo.  Now, I know the excitement would wear off, but they would still be responsible for this.  They were so good with the dogs.  It was adorable to watch, really.  So, the Eppersons might own a dog soonish, if the boys decide they don't each need their very own dog because that is NOT happening.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Ev is 11 Months Old!

She's talking more, when her hair gets sweaty, I can make cute hair styles, she's pulling herself up on things and standing with one hand.  She's growing up way too fast!


Some of the Summer Fun

On the Ice

The kids enjoyed ice skating on a hot summer day!


Max Earns His Gold Belt

Here is a trust exercise he did during a Tae Kwon Do class:

Here he is with his GOLD BELT!  He was so excited and proud!  

Monday, July 14, 2014

Daybook 7-14-2014

Outside My Window...
My lilac tree is growing if I don't forget to water it in this heat.

I am Thankful...
for my family.  I feel so blessed to have a best friend for my husband and to have 4 healthy and happy, good children.

I am Thinking About...
I am thinking about work right now.  I've been sending out letters to some of the residents here, as part of the property management duties.  I've taken on a new job which may sound crazy but it's an easy way to supplement the family income a little since we hope to have a home soon which will include a mortgage and having to pay for utilities and all that good stuff.  What a blessing to have had the opportunity to get back on our feet after the plane crash and be able to save here.

Notes About School...
Ryan and Max do well with our simple summer home school.  I just wish I could remember to have them practice handwriting more, because I think that's what they need the most, but it is not the most fun for them. :)

From the Kitchen...
I tried a new mini quiche recipe yesterday.  Max swore he wouldn't like it and then he tried it and did.  Sometimes the parents know what they're talking about. :)

I am Creating...
a stronger body.  I'm on week 5 of the 0-5K training program.  I feel blessed to not have any health problems or injuries because I know some that aren't able to run right now even though they'd like to.  As much as I don't "love" running, I love how I feel afterwards. 

I am Working On...

 a few yard improvement projects.

I am Reading...
Preach My Gospel
I am Praying...
for the primary kids I'm privileged enough to know.

I am Struggling...
with the negative thinking pattern that hits me every month, once a month.  Gotta love hormones and how they affect emotions.  I'm glad to know it's short-lived and to be able to ride it.

I am Hearing...
Imagine Dragons.

Around the House...
The fans are blowing.  It's been hot lately.  We've been enjoying the hot summer.  We've gone to the water park, played in our kiddie pool, had slurpees on July 11th, had lots of bike rides, gone ice skating, explored at parks.  And then we come home and are grateful for fans and an A/C unit. :)

One of my Favorite Things...
My inquisitve, smart boys.  They love to find out how everything works.  I have a new vacuum and while it's annoying they don't want to leave it alone, it's fun to see them talk to dad and look at all the parts and talk about how it works.

A Few Plans for the Next Week...
One of these days I'll get my freezer meals prepped.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

100 Miles or Bust!

Last summer, I saw this idea on pinterest so we did it!.  This summer, we're changing it up a little bit.  We're starting out with exact dates, the first day of summer until the first day of Autumn.  The boys will bike 100 miles, mom will jalk (jog/walk mostly jog) 100 miles and dad will bike 1,000 miles.  We're starting off at a great pace and it's fun to spend the time together as a family.  
Cedar River Trail
 These two melt my heart.  They hold hands and were even making each other laugh.
 Soos Creek Trail

 And there's always time for some park play.

4th of July 2014

We love the 4th of July!  We were able to go to our church's pancake breakfast and flag raising ceremony.  This is towards the beginning.  Everyone did a great job putting it together.   

Here is Evelyn with her cutie pie hairbow being loved by some of my favorite people, one of my awesome counselors Kathy and her husband and another amazing Kathy and her husband.
 Love these two!
 Our 11 year old scouts did a great job!
 The primary was in charge of putting on a bike parade.  Tony led the way.
 And then kids just rode around. :)

 This sweetie decorated her hair along with her bike. :)
 Mini artists

Then the babies napped and we had a visit from the missionaries which always makes us happy.  Afterwards we drove to our friends' house.  We were roommates and not we get to have fun as families.

 The boys had fun doing fireworks and I mean the boys of all ages.

 They loved the tanks especially when we had two tanks "attacking" each other.

It was amazing how great of a fireworks show it was in a neighborhood.  We kept asking how much money did the neighbors spend.  They had fireworks that could have been in a professional show.  Of course I couldn't capture it with pictures, but it was great.  Well we thanked them for putting on a great show for us. :)   What a great day to celebrate our nation's freedom or the day that America divorced England.  Thank you Max for that perspective on our holiday, haha.