Sunday, February 28, 2016


Tony wanted to take the older boys camping to pass off some of Max's Cub Scout requirements.  Because it was raining, they decided to camp on our back patio and then go to the mountains for more adventures, pass off more requirements and shoot BB guns.

They went up into the snow, explored and then daddy chased the boys in the car as the "snow monster".

I'm Pretty Sure...

I have the cutest toddlers.

They are always full of fun.  Evelyn has been wearing her lady bug outfit everyday possible.  They both love to wear their slippers and run around because they are"slippperry"!

A friend left her little hat here and Evelyn fell in love with it.  She even wore it t bed.

Jase has been mildly lethargic for about 5 days.  I was going to call my doctor and make an appointment even though I didn't have much to go on.  T"hen Jase came to me and asked for a band-aid for his ear.  Finally--something to go on!  Here are the two kiddos playing at the doctor's office.  Something else funny about the toddlers is Jase likes to wear his hood a lot--even though it was sunny and we were inside.

When the boys were "camping out", I made pizzas with the littles, tucked them into bed, turned on Fuller House and watched it with a friend while I counted box tops.

Here are some cute pics from today (Sunday).  They are so fun!

Evelyn loves her daddy!

Max Plays on our New Piano!

Thanks to a generous piano teacher and some strong, nice friends, we have a piano!

Happy 38th Birthday Daddy!

Tony wanted a Boston Cream Pie Cake for his birthday.  The kids and I wanted to put 38 candles on it (it took awhile to light)

Can you see all the smoke coming off of the cake when he blows it out?  Awesome!

Happy Birthday to the best husband/daddy ever!  We love you!

Dinner Night Out with Friends!

We went to a dinner at the church and enjoyed more date time.  Some couples in the ward volunteered to watch kids for free!  Score!  Some pictures didn't turn out unfortunately.  These were the best of the bunch.  Tony rocked the movie quote quiz game and we played a charades-telephone game.  Fun times with good people!

One of the couples we got to sit with were the Opstads.  Sister Opstad is Jase's sunbeam teacher and he adores her, just like Ryan and Max did as well. :)

Tony's Birthday Getaway!

For part of Tony's birthday, I took him on a mountain retreat.  We stayed at a bed and breakfast through called Alexander's Country Inn.  

The Inn was built in 1912 so it was charming.

This was the parlor. 

I love these windows. 

They had a hot tub with a view of the pond and the mountain.  It was so relaxing.

The next morning we enjoyed breakfast with a view of the waterwheel and cute little Douglas Squirrels, Stellar Jays, Finches and Juncos eating at the bird feeder.  We walked around, exploring a bit and then we drove up higher on the mountain to go snowshoeing. 

Snowshoeing is so fun!  We loved it and want to do it as a family!

We went back to Longmire to sell back the snow chains we only had because it was required, buy a book for the kids and we got to see this amazing tree which has seen so much history.

We love being able to get away, just the two of us.  The kids had so much fun with Danielle and we had time to have fun together.  Win, win!