Sunday, January 31, 2016

Another Great Date!

Ryan wanted to do the exact date that I previously did with Max.  I love how he always mixes his flavors.  Peach gummy rings and chocolate chips. okay?

Then we went to Barnes and Noble and spent his dog-sitting money on a new bike light for Max (to make up for breaking it) and a Pokemon book.  Ryan hasn't even talked much of Pokemon but he was super excited about getting one.  Also, Barnes and Noble didn't have the Diary of a Minecraft Zombie.  I love hearing about what he loves.

Max's First Official Pinewood Derby

Max wanted a sleek, low to the ground design.  He had fun decorating it with sponsor stickers, including Epco which comes from his Great Grandpa Bob's business.

Max won "Most Like a NASCAR" and he won 8th overall.  Tony was a judge and I helped come up with unique awards for all 35ish cars.  I really wish I'd taken a pic of my cute boy in his uniform, but I forgot my phone and Tony was busy being judge.  He had so much fun though.

Back to our Favorite

We love 4 Runners.  Ever since I was in high school, the Runner has been my favorite and we love Toyota engines.  When the GTI started causing more trouble than it was worth, we decided to get Tony a better car which was a new to us, 3rd gen Runner.  I love seeing Tony's creativity come out when he works on cars.

Of course this is only the beginning...

Seattle Fun!

"I solemnly swear I am up to no good".  This could have been the theme for this trip to Seattle.  It makes me laugh just looking at these pictures and remembering the fun times, both pictured and not. 

Seattle is a vibrant city full of fun shops and things to see.  We did some touristy things that were so fun.  It's been awhile since I've been touristy in Seattle.

We did a scavenger hunt at Pike's Place Market

The Pike's Place Piano Man

Flying Fish

Kat and Rachel

Alexander the Fortune Teller

 This guy wasn't on our scavenger hunt but isn't he handsome?

One of the stops we made was Theo's Chocolate Factory which is an interesting tour even if you don't eat chocolate. 

And the kids loved having daddy-time and working on Max's pinewood derby car!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Seattle Thunderbirds

We love hockey and when Tony got us tickets to a game, we were excited. 

Partway through the game, a gorilla joined us.

And he danced with his bananas.

The boys loved flying on their chairs.

And our team one!!!

There was one shoving match that didn't last very long but towards the end of the game, there was a brawl, gloves thrown and they went down to the ice.  I was just shocked but the reason I started videoing (not getting most of the fight) was because I started laughing when the Rocky theme started playing.  Really?  They play Rocky music when the fights break out.  hahaha

I love Primary

I love serving with kids in primary.  I love who I get to serve with.  I love everything about it. A few weeks ago, a counselor and I had a combined family home evening so we could finish up the bulletin boards and so I could finish organizing the closet.  I wanted to have an inventory of our closet and make sure everything in it was used and not just stored.  We want our music leader to have a spot for things.  So...the dads and the kids played hockey...

And Kat and I worked on the boards.  I forgot to take a picture of the boards.  They're really cool but by that point we were ready to gather the kids and go so I forgot.  I'll have to do that later.  I took pics of the closet for my inventory list which now hangs in the closet.  As silly as it seems to post these pics, these are things that will remind me of my time in the primary and all the joy it brought me, when I'm no longer serving in this calling.

We wanted to give the kids a little treat when they memorized Articles of Faith and the scriptures of the month, etc., so we made these little scriptures out of candy that have the scripture of the year on them.  They look even cuter now because they're glued on black cardstock (scripure cover) and they have a little red ribbon down the middle as a scripture marker.  The kids seem to love them.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Monster Truck Jam

Tony took Max and Ryan to their first Monster Truck Jam.  They all had a great time!  

Her is a favorite of theirs: Max-D

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mom and Son Date

I had a dream date on Friday.  Max and I had frozen yogurt and then spent over an hour at Barnes and Noble.  Oh my goodness, we were two book worms in heaven.  I love the library because we don't want to afford all of the books we would love to buy, but a book store is definitely prettier with it's own touch of magic--every single book by every single author laid out in pretty rows on the shelves.  There's the bestseller shelves, picture books, chapter books,everything.  Max spent his dog sitting money on--I Survived the Nazi Invasion and Star Wars the Force Awakens: Before the Awakening.  He wanted desperately to get a book on Pearl Harbor too, lol.  

We looked at so many books and series to get at the library.  Here are just a few samples:

This series looked awesome.  

There was this companion picture book to the series.  We loved the beautiful illustrations.

And then we had to read a few books by Chris Van Allsburg.  We will slowly add to our Chris Van Allsburg collection.  He is great!

And a fun surprise was learning that that there is another Willy Wonka book we didn't even know existed.

A fun night with a pretty awesome little man.