Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Visit with Jenn!

I got to have a visit with my dear junior high and high school friend, Jenn.  It was so fun to catch up with her!

Home Run Hitter

During Ryan's last baseball game of the season, he got to be the home run hitter!

Jase enjoyed the park during the game!

What Does a Dinosaur Say?

Yard Sale

We had our first ever garage sale.  Usually we just donate stuff or pass it onto friends who could use it, but this time, we wanted to try a garage sale for two reasons.  One, we had some big items that we didn't want to move and two, we thought it would be a fun way to meet some of our neighbors.  

Although it was a lot of work, we did meet a lot of neighbors, it was still very much worth our time and we got to have fun with the kids and friends.

Ryan earned money from lemonade stand and then wanted to buy something from our sale. haha.  

The boys learned about work with the lemonade stand.  We shared the profits since we provided supplies and they provided labor and then they got ready to pay their tithing.

It was also fun to hear a neighbor say that Max came up to her to let her know she had given him too much money.  She told him since he was honest he could keep it as a tip. That was fun to see.

Ryan's Prayer and Max's Fast

Parenting is wonderful and tiring and full of happiness and disappointment.  My children are not perfect by any means, but I wanted to remember a few touching moments we've had.  Yesterday was cousin Daniel's birthday and Ryan said a prayer that Daniel would have a nice birthday.  I love when my kids think of others.  Today, Tony and I are fasting as part of our ward's 40 day fast.  Every family chose one day to fast so that for forty days, our ward has someone fasting.  We hope this will strengthen our faith and help us to help others come to Christ.  Max was asking about how to fast and he decided to fast.  He decided to go without one meal and he wanted to fast for Elder Perry's wife.  Elder L. Tom Perry passed away yesterday.  He is an apostle of the Lord and is a great example of faith.  He is the only apostle that I have met in person.  He is very tall with a wonderful smile. :)  My BYU roommates and I decided to go to temple square for conference.  We met Elder Perry there.  It is one of my favorite memories. :)  And now whenever I think about fasting, I will remember the faith and love of a child who wants to follow Christ's example and do what is right.  These two really are amazing kids!

Ryan Turns 6!

Is he really six?  I still haven't asked him his birthday questions, so I will add those.

We can't even express how much we love you Ryan!  You always keep us surprised and loved with all of your snuggles.  You always like to create things and write notes to us.  You are very sweet.  We love to see those moments where your strong will shows how determined how can be and we love to see all of those times where you are so sweet to your younger brother and sister.  We adore you Ryan Anthony!

Here are his birthday questions:

Favorite Color:  Gold
Favorite Toy:  Legos
Favorite Fruit:  Plums
Favorite TV show:  Little Einsteins
Favorite Clothes:  Green MVP short and the shorts that match
Favorite Game:  Monopoly
Favorite Animal:  Cobras
Favorite Song:  Everything is Awesome!
Favorite book:  Magic School Bus
Favorite Thing to Outside:  Play Soldiers with Max
Favorite Drink:  Chocolate Milk
Favorite Holiday:  New Year’s Eve
What do you take to bed with you?  Hobbes (Stuffed tiger)
What do you Want for Dinner on Your Birthday?  Chicken Nuggets
What do you want to be when you grow up?  A dad and a dentist
When do you feel the most loved?  “When I hug you” (mom)
What are you afraid of?  Nothing
If you had one wish, what would you wish for?  “You” (mom)
What is the hardest thing to do?  The Monkey Bars
What is the easiest thing to do?  Slide
What is the best thing in the world?  “you” (mom)
What is the worst thing in the world?  Satan
What makes you mad?  Max fighting with me
What is the meaning of love?  When you hug me

If you had all the money in the world, what would you do with it?  Give it to people who didn’t have any

Some May Mini Adventures!

If Jase can do it, so can I!  Well, not exactly and Jase isn't doing it full time yet.  We wish!

Snuggling with her little ladybug!

Ryan lost his first tooth!!!

What about me?

Or me?

I can do it too!

Phone troubles meant the little ones got to enjoy the kid table at the Apple store.

Evelyn had a little virus and I just about passed out when they asked her to step on the scale that was on the floor instead of having me lift her onto the baby scale.  Excuse me?  When did she become a big girl?

Always happy with daddy!

We always have fun at the park!

I get quite a few looks going down the street with this cute crew.

Sweet Ethan always wants to hold Evelyn's hand and she finally let him. :)

Daddy, are you awake?

Daddy snuggles!

Painting and attempting to be crafty have been a part of my May adventures.  Here are some Madeline prints that are going on Ev's wall.

Jase and Ev go to a birthday party

Jase dressed up as Captain America but promptly took off his gear so it would be easier to play.

Evelyn got to play dress up there with the princesses.  They had a lot of fun!

Memorial Day with the Mays

The Mays came up here to visit this year and of course we had a lot of fun!

They got to see one of Ryan's baseball games.  Evelyn got to help Kat in the snack shack while I kept score at Max's game.

We went to the Museum of Flight!

Lauren and I went to look at violin's since she has a violin student now.

We visited with more Mays!

We ate pizza in Tacoma where there was this awesome painting.

Then we explored the waterfront.

This picture was just for memories sake.  I used to go there for open mic night when Kristin would play, BT (before Tony).

It was a fun weekend!