Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend 2016

We had a great weekend visiting family.  We drove down on Friday.  We finished listening to the first Harry Potter book which Max and Ryan love.  We hit a little traffic but it didn't even faze us because we just enjoyed the family time.  We even car danced.  Evelyn got really into it.  We couldn't post our video until we changed the song, but this was close enough.  

Then Jase held Evelyn's hand and said, "Her the princess, I'm the prince".  So cute!

As soon as we got there, the kids started playing.

Geniel, Lauren and I took off to meet Becky for a girl's dinner.  We chatted until the restaurant was closing.

The dad's put the kids to bed.

The next morning Aunt Geniel, Uncle Phil, Lauren and I took the littlest people to the farmer's market.

The older kids had a bike adventure with the dads.

The kids did lots of playing together.

I thought it was great that Geniel was teaching the kids one of her and Grandma Kate's childhood games, Annie I Over (spelling?)  The kids fought over this one so it had to end.

But we celebrated Ryan's birthday on the actual day with ice cream cones!

And we played at the park.

The next day after church we hiked at Silver Falls.  It's so pretty and I love being able to go behind a waterfall.

"We mountain climbing"

The kids got to touch a cougar pelt.

Monday morning, Geniel taught me how to cut Evelyn's hair.

The older boys went with the dads and Grandpa Phil to play disc golf.

We had lunch and dilly bars and then we were on our way.

We stopped in Vancouver to see Becky and Ben's new home.  Ben was nice enough to be a fun host to the kids.

Such a fun weekend!

Ryan Turns 7!!!

Our sweet Ryan Anthony turned 7!  We celebrated on the 26th so he could have a full day of birthday fun (and so we could take his present to Oregon with us).

He chose pancakes for breakfast and waffles for dinner.  We also had the sister missionaries over for dinner and I wish I had gotten pictures of them as well.

JD, Ev and I took cupcakes to his classroom and saw the class sing to him and his teacher spin him 7 times.

He chose a red velvet cake.

For his big present, we sent him on a scavenger hunt.

The best part was when he came into the shed where his new bike was and he was looking for another clue.  He didn't notice in the dim lighting that the bike was new and that it wasn't his old bike.  He was on a mission to find a paper with a clue.  Then when he found out he was so excited!

We love you Ryan!

Here are his birthday questions:

Favorite color:  Gold

Favorite Toy:  Minecraft legos

Favorite Fruit:  Pineapple

Favorite TV show:  Animaniacs

Favorite Clothes:  New to him pajamas from Will Straub

Favorite Game:  Minecraft

Favorite Animal:  cheetah  

Favorite Song:  Minecraft Song--Radioactive

Favorite Book:  Minecraft set

Favorite Thing to Do Outside:  Ride my bike  

Favorite Drink:  chocolate milk

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

What do you take to bed with you?  books and stuffed animals (Hobbes and Fuzzy Wuzzy the Mouse)

What do you want for dinner on your birthday?  Waffles with Strawberries

What do you want to be when you grow up?  A Veterinarian

When do you feel the most loved?  When I hug you and when Jet licks me.

What are you afraid of?  Nightmares

If you had one wish, what would you wish for?  My own phone

What is the hardest thing to do?  Monkey bars

What is the easiest thing to do?  Read

What is the best thing in the world?  Minecraft

What is the worst thing in the world?  Ghosts

What makes you mad?  When something sad happens

What is the meaning of love?  Hugging 

If you had all the money in the world, what would you do with it?  Spend it on Ipads for school, laptops and pets.