Monday, September 28, 2015

Mom and Dad's Weekend Getaway Part 2--and St. Helen's Memories

We had breakfast at the hotel and visited with the nicest older lady.  We strolled leisurely through town and admired cars at the car show.  We took a lot of pictures to show the kids. :)

Then we went to swing one more time.  The sand felt so nice!

The sand castle artist was back again and this time we got our picture taken.  He told us his dogs' names were "Peacedragon" and "Lovedragon".  I love meeting interesting people.

Another interesting person we met was this gentleman who owns his own glass-blowing shop in Astoria.  He was showing us the process as he made a paper weight.

We took Highway 30 on our way back so we could stop by St. Helens.  

We stopped by the church where I was baptized.  I have memories of us kids throwing the oak galls and breaking them.

Oak Galls

This is the new building for the school where I spent first and second grade--McBride Elementary.  The old building burnt down.

And Tony got to see my old house.

I am so grateful for my parents for coming up to spend time with us, help us and allow us to have this super long date.  We needed it and it was perfect!

Mom and Dad's Weekend Away--Part 1

Grandpa Dan and Grandma Pearl came up to visit.  When they told me they were coming, the thought came to us that we could take off for a night while the kids had Grandma and Grandpa time.  So we visited and dad helped with yard work, but Friday, we hit the road.  We had a no-destination weekend but we knew we wanted to go to the Oregon coast together.  So we just headed south.  We traveled the 101 to Astoria first.  The weather was beautiful, the scenery was was perfect.

We stopped at the Astoria column but it was being renovated.  We will have to come back and fly basal wood airplanes off of the top.  Tony's done this but I've never been.

Goonies never say die but apparently the owner of the Goonie house now does.  Instead of making money off of people just wanting to take pictures in front of her house, she has asked that people not come up the driveway anymore.  In fact, she's living with tarps over her windows to dissuade people from visiting.  Kind of silly.

Then we visited Short Sands Beach at Oswald State Park.  It's a favorite in the Epperson family and it was truly beautiful.

Pictures of course won't do it justice because the sand sparkled.  It was seriously beautiful.

Then we decided that we needed to find a destination.  Lots of places were booked but we found a place in Seaside.  

Tony and Lewis and Clark.

It was magical to be on the beach together at night, with the fine, powdery sand under our feet and the star-filled sky above.  There were swings right on the beach so instead of pushing kids in the swings, we got to be kids and fly towards the stars as the waves crashed rhythmically on the shore.  We could've stayed there all night, but we also wanted to swim. :)  So we went back to the hotel and got to swim together and enjoy the hot tub.  Since we can't remember the last time we've had a date longer than 3 or 4 hours, this weekend was perfect!