Sunday, December 31, 2017

100 Things to Do in 2018

100 Things to do in 2018

1.  Summer Grandparent visit
2.  Build a new dining room table
3.  Family Bike packing trip
4.  Family Cooking Night-crepes
5.  Hike to a Ghost Town, Franklin, WA (4/13/18)
6.  Vashon Island light house visit
7.  Visit Mt. St. Helens
8.  Learn how to milk a cow
9.  Plant trees with Mountains to Sound Greenway
10. Mariners Game
11. WNBA game
12.  visit Renton Farmers Market (Tuesdays)
13.  Kelsey Creek Farm Visit (Sheep Shearing Festival)
14.  Pajama and Video Game Day
15.  Learn how to make hummus
16.  Go stargazing
17.  Complete the library summer reading program
18.  Sing carols at a nursing home
19.  Visit Northwest Trek (late spring, $22.25 for adult, $14.25 for youth)
10.  Fort Nisqually (one family is $22)
11.  BYU vs. UW football game 9/29
12.  Have a Pillow Fight
13.  Have Target Practice
14.  Dinner at Panda Express
15.  Learn how to make doughnuts
16.  Learn how to make root beer
17.  Cut down our own Christmas tree
18.  New bikes for mom and Evelyn
19.  Teach Ev how to ride with pedals
20.  Have a good manners Night/Tea Party
21.  Attend the Theatre, You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (3/30/18)
22.  120 Mile Bike Riding Summer
23.  Family Book List
24.  Visit a Lavender Farm
25.  Go-Cart Racing
26.  Visit Farragut State Park
27.  Save for 2019 Disneyland Trip
28.  Visit the Enchanted Forest
29.  Finish Will
30.  Watch Shark Tank as a family (1/16/18)
31.  Go berry picking at a berry farm
32.  Play in the international fountain during the summer
33.  Buy fish at Pikes Place Fish Market
34.  Make Infant Blankets for Seattle Children's Hospital
35.  Take a Family a Meal Once a quarter
36.  Study Bastille Day and celebrate it
37.  Finish Wizard of Oz book series
38.  Put bark under tree fort
39.  Make a board for our travel patches
40.  Read Native American folklore
41.  Send Christmas Cards out in November
42.  Have Family Pictures taken (4/21/18)
43.  Host a kids' white elephant gift exchange/party
44.  Have an FHE where we heart attack friends' doors
45.  Family Bowling Night (2/29/18)
46.  Make a candle and give it to someone
47.  Read the Book of Mormon as a family
48.  Visit the Pacific Science Center
49.  Ride our bikes around Seward Park
50.  Visit the environmental center at Seahurst Beach
51.  Visit Discovery Park between mid-October to Thanksgiving and follow the Salmon to Sound Trail
52.  Visit the Olympic Sculpture Garden
53.  Fly kites at Gasworks park (March)
54.  Hike Rattlesnake Ledge
55.  Hike Twin Falls
56.  Beach Day at Point No Point, visit Lighthouse
57.  Beach day at Alki Beach
58.  Visit the conservatory at Volunteer Park and then go swimming.
59.  Visit the Tulip Festival in April
60.  Run 5 Fun Runs as a family
61.  Go on a scavenger hunt
62.  Go camping in a yurt
63.  Ride the Cedar River Trail to Maple Valley as a family
64.  Take May Day Flowers to 5 seniors who live alone
65.  Volunteer on the Day of Service 9/8/18
66.  Do an orienteering course
67.  Ride our bikes on Whidbey Island and visit the light house
68.  Watch the Incredibles 2 at the Drive in Theater
69.  Complete a 500 piece puzzle as a family
70.  Ride the Soos Creek Trail as a family
71.  Ride the John Wayne trail through the tunnel
72.  Follow the deep cleaning schedule on the first Saturday of the month
73.  Family Board Game Night (4/13/18)
74.  Costume Night
75.  Send a message in a bottle in the ocean
76.  Learn how to change a tire
77.  Complete a 30 Day push up challenge as a family
78.  Learn how to build a campfire
79.  Have a Family Show and Tell Night
80.  Make Your own movie night (4/12/18--Max's scout movie)
81.  Good Will $5 Treasure Hunt
82.  Learn how to identify 5 native plants
83.  Study the history of music and have a music showcase night
84.  Apple Tasting Night
85.  Mad-Libs and Crossword puzzles Night
86.  Family Restaurant night with candles
87.  Laser Tag at Phillip Arnold
88.  Refinish front deck
89.  Family Fondue Night
90.  Family Olympics Night
91.  Family Science Experiment night
92.  Sand kitchen countertops
93.  Fill out a 3-generation Family Pedigree Chart  (4/13/18)
94.  Plant a garden (4/5/18)
95.  Tony--Tahoe Twirl, 40th birthday bikepacking trip
96.  Tony--Build Bumper and Sliders for 4 Runner
97.  Tony--read 10 books
98.  Deb--read 50 books
99.  Deb--Create a family photo book
100.  Deb--Balance check book weekly

New Year's Eve 2017

We weren't able to keep our plans with friends because they got sick, but we've been having lots of fun.  We've played Candyland, Garbage, charades, and Nerts, reviewed 2017, watched Studio C and had Root Beer Floats.  The boys are playing Star Wars Battlefront, Tony's planning a bikepacking trip and I'm getting the blog updated.  It's a great night!

Tony was acting out Jabba the Hut which was perfect since he was sitting down with a little Princess Leia by him.

Evelyn was acting out fireworks.

I got a seven deck game of Nerts for Christmas.  My kids are old enough to play!  Hooray!  

We'll be toasting the New Year and banging on pots and pans.  It's going to be a great year together!

2017 Year in Review

So I'm going to start out with our review of 2016 since I didn't blog about it before and then go to our review of 2017.

Evelyn's Grandma Quilt

Grandma Kate has made some amazing airplane quilts for the three boys.  For Christmas she finished a beautiful quilt for Evelyn.  The cream parts are a fabric that are on her brother's quilts.  There are beautiful little pieces that are flowers or French inspired.  Evelyn loves it!

100 Things in 2017--Update

Update:  We loved doing this list and looking at it throughout the year.  We love being able to look back at all the fun memories we've made as a family.  Some things on our list changed.  Some we took off of this year's list and put it on next year's list.  I think this is a family tradition that will continue. 

We love to do things as a family and have adventures.  I also love having a loose plan in place so that it's easier to have adventures and accomplish goals.  Our cousins have done a "100 Things challenge" each year and it's been fun to see what they've done.  It has seemed overwhelming to see 100 things on the list and so it's never even dawned on me that we should do it too until this year.  So we've taken inspiration from Becky and Ben and a website I follow: about planning your year in advance.

The list is subject to change, but these are the things that Tony and I hope to accomplish/experience in 2017 as a couple, family and individually in no particular order:

1.  Go on a couple's vacation (5/13-5/20)
2.  Renew passports (4/10/17)
3.  Refinish the deck  (8/17)
4.  Circumnavigate the Olympic Peninsula with camping trips.  (7/17)
5.  Go to a Lavender farm (7/17)
6.  Visit the Kalaloch tree cave (7/17)
7.  Visit Ruby Beach (7/17)
8.  Attend Deb's mission reunion (4/1)
9.  25 days of service in December (Light The World)
10.  Family hikes (Swamp Monster, Mormon Mesa, Calico Basin, Gene Coulon, Hoh Rain Forest, Tolt-MacDonald)
11.  Family bike rides (5/7, 6/18, Labor Day)
12.  Make Fast Sunday Sushi a tradition
13.  Max participate in school talent show (4/17)
14.  Celebrate Ryan's baptism (7/17)
15.  Paint master bedroom (5/17)
16.  Redo baseboards in bathrooms, master bedroom (4/17)
17.  120 Mile Bike Riding Summer
18.  Plant a garden in May (5/15--thanks to Grandma Kate)
19.  Go crabbing (7/17)
20.  Help kids clean/organize game closet a month 
21.  Go tubing (Jamaica 5/17)
22.  Finish drawer pulls in kitchen (12/17)
23.  Participate in a flag raising ceremony (7/17)
24.  Volunteer on the Day of Service (9/17)
25.  Complete the summer library reading program
26.  Try a new restaurant (12/17, Khan's Mongolian Grill)
27.  Go tide pooling on beach #4 (7/17)
28.  Design and build a new command center/organization shelf in utility room
29.  Play horse shoes (9/17)
30.  Visit a new country (Jamaica in May)
31.  Tacoma Day--Owen's beach, waterfront (Sunnyside in July, Owen's Beach in September)
32.  Attend the Ensign Symphony and Chorus (3/17)
33.  Father/Son Pinewood Derby project (3/17)
34.  Visit Leavenworth (July 7th Girls' Trip!)
35.  Donate to Healing Waters (12/17)
36.  Watch a parade (Snowflake Lane)
37.  Explore a new city (Poulsbo 8/17)
38.  Have a good manners/etiquette night
39.  Have a bad manners meal (Elf Night--burp contest)
40.  Go to a new amusement park (8/17--Wild Waves)
41.  Visit a museum (airplane museum)
42.  Share a Sunday dinner with friends 
43.  View the solar eclipse (8/17)
44.  visit a salmon hatchery (10/17)
45.  Memorize the Articles of Faith
46.  Go on a ferry boat ride (9/17)
47.  Get a pool membership (6/17)
48.  Swim in a lake (7/17)
49.  Visit a wildlife refuge (Mercer Island Slough)
50.  Go fishing as a family (Zion's Camp)
51.  Read through the King County Library System list of books for preschoolers
52.  Teach family how to fix the toilet (10/17)
53.  Walk in a parade (Renton River Days)
54.  Make a cardboard periscope and observe wildlife from a distance (Cub scout day camp)
55.  Organize the LEGOS (12/17)
56.  Beach camping with friends (7/17)
57.  Make a sand castle (7/17)
58.  Go sledding (1/17)
59.  Learn about dream catchers (11/17)
60.  Go geo-caching (4/17)
61.  Explore a new park (10/17)
62.  Teach Max to cook eggs (9/17)
63.  Finish a joke book as a family (12/17)
64.  Father/Son off-roading trip (3/17)
65.  Get pedicures as a couple (5/17)
66.  Visit a waterfall (12/17 Snoqualmie Falls)
67.  Build a fort out of drift wood (7/17)
68.  Learn how to read a thermometer and barometer and track their readings for 7 days (CS) (March)
69.  Install a shelf in boys' room to hold lego creations (11/17)
70.  Teach the kids how to make a Buche de Noel--1/8/17
71.  Reach the Doctrine and Covenants as a family   (12/17)
72.  Visit the Seattle Children's Museum (7/17)
73.  Attend the theatre  (Little Mermaid 4/17)
74.  Go to Family Day at Boeing (9/17)
75.  Fix up the fort (April 2017)
76.  Learn about St. Lucia Day and celebrate it  (12/17)
77.  Attend a hockey game (12/17)
78.  Visit Jenn's homestead (4/17)
79.  Gather and cook a farm fresh egg (4/17)
80.  Go to the top of the Space Needle (7/8/17)
81.  Have a Star Wars movie marathon with 1-7 and Rogue One (12/29/17)
82.  Work on Evelyn's fairy garden (summer 2017)
83.  Visit Skagit Valley Tulip Festival (4/17)
84.  Swim with Dolphins (5/17)
85.  Family Huff and Puff Before You Stuff run (11/23/17)
86.  Visit a new temple (12/19/17)
87.  Road Trip with no destination (12/30/17)
88.  Visit Temple Square Christmas lights (12/18/17)
89.  Visit the Reptile Museum (7/17)
90.  Unwrap a Christmas book to read each night of December 
91.  Go to Henry Moses Aquatic Center (8/17)
92.  Ride the Monorail (7/17)
93.  Go camping as a family (9/17)
94.  Tony--Read 12 books
95.  Tony--Bike packing trip (Memorial Day Weekend Trip with Seth)
96.  Deb--BDB Weekend
97.  Deb--Whale Watching Tour  (4/22)
98.  Deb--Girl's Trip to Victoria (4/21-4/22)
99.  Deb--read 45 books (12/17)
100.  Deb--jog a 5K

It is overwhelming to think of 100 things.  At first I wasn't going to have it be 100 things, but just whatever we ended up with.  Then, Max and I looked through his Cub Scout book and there are so many things we can make family activities.  Coming up with 100 things became really easy after that.  

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Family Adventure Day

After a day of watching movies all day we wanted an adventure day.  We explored a park we've never been to called Tolt-Macdonald State Park.  Then we went to Snoqualmie Falls.

Finish a Jokebook

One of the things our family wanted to do this year was finish a joke book together.  Well we finished the Laugh Out Loud Jokes for Kids.  It's fun to laugh together as a family.  I especially love it when Jase and Evelyn make up jokes.

Star Wars Marathon

We decided to have our Star Wars marathon yesterday.  We also invited Danielle to join us.  Everyone was in their jammies and we watched Episodes 1-3, Rogue One and then 4-6.  Max was able to stay up until the end of the Empire Strikes Back but the adults were the only ones who watched Return of the Jedi.  We snoozed a few times.  That's a lot of vegging.  I love Star Wars and I think it's okay to do something different like a marathon every now and again, but watching movies for that long is not going to happen very often. I guess once in 40 years for me isn't a big deal though.

Daybook 12-30-17

Outside My is windy and cold.  I'll stay inside, thank you.  

I am Thankful...for my husband.  He is the perfect match for me.  He's patient and generous.  We make a good team.

I am Thinking I want to keep the blog updated so I don't go so long between updates.  I love it when my kids can look back and see pictures and read memories.

Notes About School...It's winter break and I love the kids all being home and no schedule.  As scheduled as I usually am, I like the relaxed atmosphere of our home right now.

From the Kitchen...
haha, I could leave this category out of my daybook.  I'm not much of a cook.  I want to be better at meal planning.

I am Creating...a more present me.

I am Working On...mindfulness.

I am Reading...Is Everyone Hanging Out Without me? by Mindy Kaling

I am Praying...for my aunt who isn't doing well right now.

I am Struggling...with hormones and change. I shouldn't say I am right now, but this past month I have been.  I've been able to serve with the primary children for 6 years now.  I've put my whole heart and soul into loving those kids and praying for them.  I've found out change is hard sometimes. Hormones don't help, but it was really hard to let go of that opportunity to serve.  I loved it so much.  Of course there's other opportunities to serve and I'll probably work with the kids again, but being with those kids weekly, loving them and visiting them in their homes was a privilege I will always love and treasure.

I am Hearing...
Evelyn telling jokes.

Around the House...the older boys are picking up their legos.

One of my Favorite Things...

A Few Plans for the Next Week...Love without measure.

Good Dinner and Company

One of the Christmas presents we gave my parents was to take them out to dinner.  We decided on a Mongolian grill because my parents had never been and there were options for omnivores and vegans.  It was really good and fun to be out with my parents just as grown ups.  We realized that hasn't happened in 10+ years.  This also happened to be the last night mom and dad were with us.  Friday morning they boarded the train and went back.  We were so glad they came and shared Christmas with us!

Christmas Letter 2017

Epperson Christmas Letter 2017

It's become a traditioin to recap the year so that we can look back on our memories as a family.  2017 was a great year full of lots of travel and adventure.  

In August, Tony hit 6 years at Boeing and got a raise as well as changed job positions.  He is a quality assurance investigator.  He investigates any problems on airplanes and mitigates future occurrences.  He has enjoyed being a scoutmaster.

I still do appointment scheduling part-time and volunteer as the PTA secretary.  I have also subbed at Evelyn's preschool.  We saved for a trip to Jamaica for my 40th birthday.  It was amazing.  We now have all 4 kids in school (at least part time) and I keep getting asked about what am I doing with all my free time.  I just laugh.  I'm just as busy, I just don't have to worry about childcare a couple of hours a week.

Max continues to play piano and does really well.  He is in the 5th grade which is his last year in elementary school.  He played baseball in the spring and is currently playing basketball.  He was on a competitive robotics team at school and enjoys cub scouts.

Ryan has started playing piano and loves it.  He is extremely creative and we have noticed that he is really good at writing stories.  He was baptized this year which was the highlight of our year.  We had family come and support him on his special day.  He has also started cub scouts which he loves.  He is currently in the unicycle club at school.

Jase loves kindergarten.  This kid just loves school. Period.  He is always asking about numbers and wanting to do Math problems.  He is reading really well.  He took a hip hop class this year which was fun.  He has the most infectious laugh and loves to tell jokes.

Evelyn loves preschool.  She loves a regular playgroup that we have each week as well.  She is very sweet and loves to cuddle.  She tells me that she wants to grow up to be a mommy and a doctor.  She loves to do art projects and color.

We look forward to another year of family time and adventure. 

Snowball Fight

Christmas 2017

We had our traditional waffles with strawberries and ice cream.  Then we said a prayer of gratitude for the special day and being together as a family.  Then we enjoyed seeing the joy on each other's faces when we opened up presents.

Sister Miller and Sister Hardy came over for dinner and shared an amazing story about missionaries in Russia.  We loved having them over and then reading stories with grandma.