Monday, April 24, 2017

Mission Reunion Weekend

I felt so lucky to be able to attend my mission reunion!  It has been 17 years since I've seen my President and Sister Allen and even longer for seeing some of my mission friends.  Because of my generous brother, I was able to only pay for half of the plane ticket which made it doable.  I flew in on the Friday morning before general conference.  Kim picked me up and we had lunch with Sheryl Brady aka Muffin who is now RSP but doesn't want me to call her RSP because that's what she calls me. :)  I wish I'd gotten pictures with Sheryl.  

I smartened up when we went to Tami's home though.  Trenna met us there too so it was a 2/3 of our 187 Fugal Hall reunion. 

After visiting at Tami's, we drove to the institute building at the U of U.  Being at my mission reunion was so cool.  I wish more of my companions could have made it of course.  Sister Bateman who lives in Provo was actually at a family reunion in Europe of all places.  But being able to hug President and Sister Allen and talk to them was awesome!  

Me and Becky Pulsipher!  She served in Renens while I served in Lausanne!

We sang "Tout au Sommet de Monts" and Jean Pierre VonTonder sang, "Souviens Toi".

Then we talked about mission memories and President and Sister Allen spoke of faith and shared their experiences of their mission in Lebanon.  I felt like I was at a zone conference on the mission.  It was awesome!

A new mission friend, Crystal Childs (who was in the MTC at the same time) and Jennie Nelson who served in Lyon II when I started my mission in Lyon I

Samantha Whall, my sassy British companion.

My mission parents--love them so much!

Saturday morning I got to wake up to these cuties.  Cade, Austin, Nora and Christian are so adorable.  It's so fun to see my sister-friend as a mom.

Cade loves his snake, Cosmo.

Kim Perry Parry came and got me so we could catch up.  We watched the kids roller blade for awhile while we caught up.  We had a lot to catch up on.

Then we ate lunch at In & Out.

Then we played some more, watched more conference and went to the park.

We face-timed with my kids so Kim's kids could show them what it was like to feed their snake.  Here Cosmo is squeezing the mouse.  Only, she tried several times to eat the mouse but she kept biting it from behind.  It's supposed to go head first.  

On Sunday I got to see my bro!!! Alan did a quick visit to Utah to visit Rebecca and I!  Whoo hoo!  I love my brother!

Kim also took me to see her family.  It was so good to see her parents who I love dearly and Kellie and Annie and David and their families.  I totally spent too much time talking and didn't think about pictures.  I did take some pictures outside when the kids were feeding the neighbor animals.

What a quick but wonderful getaway!

Tony is so happy!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Jase Grows Vegetables

Fun at baseball practice!

Sweet Moment Captured

Freshly washed children, clothes laid out for the next day and a brother reading to his siblings.  Why can't every night be this perfect?

Play date Fun!

Cub Scout Carnival

The Bears put on a carnival for the Wolves and and their sibling.  Max made a paper airplane station and it was a big hit.

Pinewood Derby 2017

Tony helped Nathan make his car as well as Max.  The boys had a great time racing their cars.