Friday, October 31, 2014


We carved pumpkins for FHE.  Jason has taken on a new love of drawing so he loved drawing on his pumpkin.  He wanted to draw on everyone else's too though. :)

Today was Halloween day and I got to volunteer in the boys' school today which is always a favorite thing of mine.  I'll never forget how Ryan wanted me to sit with his class during lunch and told me that he loved me.  Oh, if only that uninhibited love for his mother would never go away.  

Tonight we joined friends for trick-or-treating in the soon-to-be-our neighborhood.  

And the always evident proof that it's hard to get a perfect picture of four wiggly kids who are fascinated by the mini strobe light in the pumpkin.  :)

Ward Halloween Party

With the help of some friend's we created a witch's lair.  Things went awry when I got a 24 hour stomach flu.  Tony had to finish the decorations and take them down all by himself.  But it turned out.  Melissa provided the awesome potion bottles and Tana was a witch stirring the cauldron.  I wish I could have been there to see kids' expression when they reached in and felt the eyeballs of newt, heart of baboon, goblin fingers, vampire teeth, brains, guts, etc.  The first picture is after Tony and I did a mad dash and set up for one hour before his campout.  The last few are after he and Melissa finished up on Saturday.


 Leftover Dry Ice

Tiffany Park Halloween Carnival

It was just the kids and I since Tony had a scout camp out.  It was fun though.  I had a ninja, clone trooper, bunny and fairy princess to keep me company.

The funniest thing was that Jason needed some convincing to wear his costume, but Evelyn literally smiled at herself in the mirror, like she already loves dressing up. :)  She also loved her little pony tail.

Ev Was Under the Weather

Poor Babe, but she's always cute!

Apple Tasting

We have so many yummy apples around here that are brought over from Yakima.  I decided to have a taste testing for a Family Home Evening one night.  We tried all the apples and ranked them in order of which was our favorite and so on.  Then we made apple mouths with marshmallows.  The boys loved ranking their apples.  I think they felt very official or something. :)

Honey Crisp was a clear winner.  Granny Smith didn't fair so well.

All Max Wants for Christmas is His Two Front Teeth

Although he does have one growing back in.  :) He lost it while chewing pancakes of all things (not those pancakes).   He also heard his dad come into his room that night so he learned that parents like to check and make sure the tooth fairy remembered to come, but she can get busy and sometimes forget.  Parents help her stay on top of things by reminding her if she forgets.

Seattle Thunderbirds Hockey Game

Tony and I took Max and Ryan to a hockey game.  It was so much fun.  Max was a very enthusiastic fan, shouting his encouragement throughout the game.  We had someone compliment him on what an awesome fan he was.  He kept shouting, "Get the puck out of their goal!"  haha  It was a Breast Cancer Awareness that night and everyone got a pink bandanna.  Ryan had fun wearing it every way imaginable throughout the night.

The Seattle Thunderbirds did not win, but we had a fun time cheering them on.

2014 Walk-A-Thon

The Tiffany Park Tigers had another Walk-a-thon to raise money for the school.  This is so fun for the kids.  I've been able to go every year and I love it.  I love seeing my boys and their friends. 

I had to take pictures of a few of my primary kids too.  They get a straw for every lap they do to keep track.  I loved running with them for some of the laps.  It's a great school.  Our upcoming move is going to take us just outside the boundaries but we were approved for an Intra-District transfer so we're going to stay.  The principal of the school called me personally to tell us that she approved the transfer.  Just one of the reasons why I love this school-she's a great principal who gives the kids personal attention.