Friday, July 14, 2017

After the zoo, here's what we do!

And after a busy day of day camp, here's what we do.

Lions and Tigers and Wolves and Bears!

Grandpa J got to go to day camp with the boys this year.  On Tuesday, he was a walking parent for Max's Webelos den.  Tony had worked a double the day before because he always has to do the Computer-Aided Measuring (with lasers) at night when no one is working with the plane.  So, he took a nap Monday after his regular shift and then went to work overnight.  Then he slept as long as he could Tuesday morning which was just a few hours before he spent the day with the Webelos.  what a dad!  This was Ryan's first day of day camp ever!  Grandpa was assigned to be with the Wolves on Thursday. 

Who is that sleeping on the job?  Not Tony.  He was just sending me this pic as a joke.

Now that Max is a Webelos, he got to try different ways of shooting the BB gun.

 My dad helped a lot with projects in the yard but we wanted to go somewhere fun too so we went to the zoo.

We loved seeing this baby giraffe with his mama.  He was born 6/20 weighing 147 lbs. and standing 5'9" tall.

The bears didn't go swimming while we were there.  That was a first for me.  We still had amazing views of them but not in the water.  Evelyn and Jase had fun watching the River Otters swim though.

A Relaxed Monday

After the busy weekend it was time to relax and wind down a little.  I also was overdue to go through the kids clothes and swap out sizes.  I worked on that project and purging things for cousins or donations.  The kids made bird feeders and hung them and cooked with their grandmas!  

Grandma and Grandpa also took the kids swimming at the pool!

After I was done swapping out sizes, Jase and Evelyn were so strong and worked together to take the bins out to the shed.

Sunday with Fam

These pictures are a retake from Easter Sunday. :)

The kids loved on their aunt and uncles.

They went and flew rockets at the park.  Pictures are forthcoming!

Then we had to say goodbye to Doug and Stacey.

Then there was some crafting and more uncle Alan shenanigans.  Everyone had to say good-bye to him Sunday night as well since he was leaving super early on Monday.