Thursday, July 13, 2017

Fourth of July Fireworks in Marysville

After the flag raising and pancake breakfast, we drove through Seattle to Marysville to visit Ben, Kara, Zach and Olivia.  We picked cherries, ate watermelon, and prepared food for the BBQ.

Ben, Doug, Stacey and Tony went to Boom City on the reservation to buy fireworks.  There was a crazy amount of fireworks available.  They bought a few and told us all about their adventure.

While they bought fireworks, Kara and I took the kids on a bike ride/walk on the cute trail around their community.

We played games

and wrestled

and BBQ'd

Tony recognized a plane flying overhead and texted his buddy who then invited him and the boys to come take a look.

And then the fireworks began!

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